Yugo.pk :- 0 - 5 Million Dollars MRR In 14 Months (Go-To-Market)

Yugo.pk is a leading travel portal in Pakistan offering flight bookings, hotels & packages. We launched it from scratch and are now among Pakistan’s top 3 travel portals.  


I embarked upon Yugo.pk in Sep 2020 as an early stage startup looking to scale fast. Hannan, the co-founder, was my digital marketing student back in Oct 2019. We spent a considerable amount of time studying this new market and competitors to inform our growth strategy.

Growth Strategy & Results:

We took an omni-channel approach to meet consumers where they are. We engaged them through SEO, paid search, YouTube ads, social ads (FB & Insta), email, influencer marketing and remarketing campaigns across networks.  We focused on dominating search results for most popular domestic & international routes to drive flight bookings. We achieved this by optimizing content, building links and running search ads with 2.5x ROI. 

4.2x ROI On Facebook Flight Ads :

One of the best campaigns we created using the FB marketing API. It leveraged cross-device intent signals to automatically promote relevant flights from our inventory with unique creatives on Facebook.

1 Million+ Social Impressions :- 

We used top & micro influencers to amplify our message to create a big impact. They traveled to different luxury properties and created dedicated videos and social media content about the hotel, destination, and related activities over a 1-year period. Roughly 7% of their audience comments were about Yugo, and 31% of comments tagged a friend. Influencer content was engaging, created aspiration, and sparked purchase intent.