Woo google with this secret SEO trick – Boom! (Part 2)

Avatar Arpit Khurana | January 30, 2018

Learn How To Find And Redirect An Expired Domain

Hey, rankers welcome to the part two video of how you can woo google and make it fall in love with your website.

So, in this video. I'm going to take you guys to my computer screen and show you my exact process and the various tools that I use for finding good expired domains that can then be redirected to your domain to boost your domain authority.

In case you have missed the part one video wherein i’m explaining you how this simple SEO trick actually helps you and a step by step guide of how you can find the expired domains. You can pause this video right now and click here to watch that video first.

Ok so let's get started.

I'm at expired domains.net this is how the website looks like, you'll have to sign up, I already have an account now here it is asking you what type of domain you are looking for like a .com domain, .net, .org for indian viewer I suggest you go for .in which we will find under Asia .

This will help you rank your website better, I also like to put a filter only with similar web rank, then click on apply filter, you can see about 886 domains.

On left you see all the expired domain names, on the right you see lot of interesting numbers but I'm not going to talk about it in this video with little research you can figure them out on your own.

Ok so let's look at some domain names now.

So I see goodpricedeal.in, shopforfree.in, preciseprints.in, instaopinion.in so these looks like good domain names .

Let's check out the second page, so I see here a domain called dealplus.in, I liked the name so let's see how good the domain actually is, I'm at moz open site explorer it's a free tool you'll have to make an account with them though.

So I will put the url here, now you can see the domain authority is 11, page authority is 14,  it's got a backlink. Spam score is 0.

Ok so this looks like a descent domain not very strong though because it has less backlinks, I also recommend before you actually go ahead and buy this domain you should check it on web.archive.org to make sure that the website is spam free this website archive.org is the internet's wayback machine. Where you can checkout how a website looked in the past.

So I will paste the domain name here, I can see it says saved 88 times between nov 23, 2011 and march 15, 2015 so this means archive.org has 88 snapshots of the dealplus.in between this time range.

For now we'll just gonna check the latest snapshot which is at march 15,2015.

This is how the website looked. Looks like a clean website, no visible sign of spam.

So guys, I hope that you now have a good idea of how you can find strong expired domains.

Just a couple of tips before I end this video.

Number 1- make sure the domain name that you want to buy is related to your industry somehow this will help you create a consistent overall backlink profile.

Number 2- spammy backlinks, make sure the domain name that you are aiming for does not have any spammy backlinks. For this. You can check the domain out on  moz open site explorer or sem rush.

So that's all for today guys. I hope that you like this video if you do give it a big thumbs up and for all those online marketers out there, I suggest you subscribe to my channel. For more amazing online marketing videos.

Written by Arpit Khurana

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