Urban Nomads :- 3x Revenue In 6 Months

Urban Nomads is a co-living and co-working community based startup with more than 10 properties and 10K+ members across India. 


Navin, the co-founder, approached me in Feb 2021 shortly after the company raised INR 10 million in funding. Back then, Urban Nomads got all their sales from OTA’s like Booking.com, Hostelworld etc., paying them between 20-30% commission. They had an occupancy rate of around 40 – 50% across all properties.    

Growth Strategy & Results:

During the first two months, we built our own website with a booking engine and member login. In addition to getting development capabilities, I built and managed a 4-person digital marketing team for Urban Nomads.

0 to 7K Monthly Organic Traffic In 4 Months :

We focused on ranking content in the individual cities they were in for their highest converting keywords. We did this by creating optimized content and acquiring backlinks. We wrote 40 blogs that targeted the questions our audience had in mind. Lastly, we worked on their technical SEO to ensure pages we’re ranked properly. As a result, organic traffic reached 7K per month, opening up a new sales channel.

5x ROI On Facebook Ads :- 

Our first step was to target people interested in traveling to our properties with travel consideration ads. Then, we segmented the audience to target our typical bookers and launched a brand consideration campaign.

Following this campaign, we ran a remarketing campaign with Messenger ads that led to a chatbot. We focused on visitors who had started to book, but did not finish. The Messenger ads were served up to 3 days after a website visit.

Finally, we created a chatbot and drove traffic to it with more Messenger ads. After customers clicked on the “send message” call to action, the chatbot led them through the purchase funnel, asking the right questions, before handing over to the calling team to finalize the booking.

We had to triple the calling team to cover all the leads we got during this 60-day campaign that resulted in:

  1. 5x return on ad spend
  2. 300% lower price per lead than the lead ads campaign
  3. 5,300+ warm leads