Top 5 SEO Tools For Digital Marketers To Attract Traffic

Digital marketing managers have to remain on alert while they work on the digital marketing strategy. Even after that, they need to adapt to their strategy if the circumstances want them to. Same as tools become the necessity for a broken machine to start it again at full capacity, a digital marketer needs to utilize the important aspect of the digital marketing strategy that is search engine optimization tools (SEO) to stop the falling in the ranking of the website.

This is important especially when there are an estimated 1 billion websites on the internet, enough to tell you that there is plenty of rivalry in the market and you need to put more efforts to attract traffic. Having said that, if you have the right set of SEO tools, indeed you can increase your chances in the digital arena. The trick is to understand enough knowledge and utilize SEO tool in the right manner. This will give the guarantee to any digital marketer to extend their arms to the wider audience and increase their income.

We know how difficult it is for you to create a digital marketing strategy and find the right tools to utilize into that strategy. Ergo, we provide you top 5 SEO Tools For Digital Marketers to attract traffic.

1) WooRank

WooRank is an instrument which gives you a short review with respect to the key parts of a site. We realize that improvement of a site rotates around three noteworthy columns to be specific: “Site survey”, “Dashboard” and “Promoting plan” and this is the place WooRank sparkles. It gives you an entire on-page examination. This device gives a concise cover SEO, Mobile mode, Usability, Technologies, Crawl blunders and so forth and, likewise gives a reasonable answer to download in pdf arrange. Woorank: Offers a free preliminary for 14 days. Valuing Pro – $49/month. Premium – $149/month. Endeavor – $249/month.

2) SEMRush

One of the top SEO tools for digital marketers, SEMRush is a swift tool for official purposes. This SEO tool allows you to check and analyze rivals data and their area where they are doing exceedingly well so they are competing with the help of 95 million organic keywords. This will help you to understand the importance of a specific website and check on the weight of organic traffic to particular landing pages.
The advantage of this particular tool is it not only provides you aggregate data but directly from search engines such as Google and Bing who captures the important keywords into their database. For your information, this data is updated everyday day to give you an additional boost of conviction. This tool is available for $99.95/month.

3) Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a link examination instrument that has 2.6 trillion mapping URLs, 350 novel URLs and has a list of 52 billion pages. Like some significant web search tools, Majestic SEO additionally has its own database on the web. Indexing link tags and ordering stay content is a definitive element in Majestic SEO. It is great in sending out information by means of CSV and API. This SEO tool gives a general write about Domain URLs, Anchors, Ref Domains, Ref TLDs, Daily updates, Downloads, Options. Majestic SEO: No free preliminary. Estimating Silver – $79/month/1 client. Gold – $170/month/5 clients. Platinum – $400/month/15 clients.

4) Aherfs

This exceptional SEO tool has a cluster of tools which provides self-index links to serve the data to its clients. The cluster incorporates Site Explorer, SEO report, Backlinks Report, Domain Comparison, and Batch Analysis. Of which it is the Site Explorer has given a height of popularity to Aherfs. Site Explorer provides you reports on the site and supplies you with the data such as a count of backlinks, backlink type, referring pages/IPs/subnets/ domains and anchor phrases. The best thing about this tools is, it provides live link updates after every fifteen minutes.
Ahref: Offers 14-day free preliminary. Estimating Lite – $99/month/1 client. Standard – $179/month/1 client. Progressed – $399/month/3 clients. Organization – $999/month/5 clients.

5) Screaming Frog

This is a free crawling tool. Screaming Frog will check 500 pages or URL and give a report. This SEO Tool gives you a complete insight pretty much the majority of your site’s URL by giving a report on pages that have copy content issues, those with both www and non-www adaptation of the site live, URLs that have an underscore or blended cases et cetera. From a specialized SEO viewpoint, this apparatus helps a website admin in tending to the SEO issues and takes the important measures to guarantee that the site is SEO agreeable.
Screaming Frog: Free up to 500 URLs. Estimating Costs $186/year for boundless version.

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