The Need for Analytics Courses in a Digital India

Every email, every banner ad that offers something tangible is a part of the digital marketing ecosystem. We interact with many of these elements each day. With a steady increase in interests in online transactions, digital analytics is fast becoming an enviable career option. Add to it the digital India initiative and things are set to change for the better in the times to come.

To fuel this growth of the digital medium, there will be a strong demand for professionals who can cope with the expansion of the medium and expectations of the consumers. The most interesting part of the equation is that anyone can become a digital marketing expert, all it takes is a little dedication. However, with expert guidance, this skill can reach new heights and become a highly lucrative career option for young professionals. But how does one go about finding out the right elements of analytics discipline in an emerging digital India? Let’s find out.

A career in digital analytics

A well-designed and executed training program gives structure and counseling along with the opportunity to network and learn from peers. While some institutes exclusively cater to this growing career path by providing coaching in digital analytics, others provide this as an add on to their existing set of courses. However, it does not mean that such institutes are not capable of providing quality training in analytics courses.

Digital analytics is a vast field in itself, just like the medical or engineering professions. You can choose to be a specialist or a generalist, the choice is really up to you. Some institutes offer specializations in different aspects of the discipline, while others possess capabilities to equip students with general expertise in the domain. You can later choose to specialize in search engine marketing, mobile marketing, pay-per-click advertising, online reputation management etc. Additionally, most well-established institutes offer authorized certification programs that add to your resume. Many also provide support in gaining hands-on industry experience through internships and live project experience for the students.

Choosing the right digital analytics course

As the digital analytics field gets more recognition from the industry, the courses are being governed by better regulations from academic and industry bodies. Most institutions providing training in analytics, require the students to have a bachelor’s degree, albeit from any stream. However, a technology or marketing degree is always a plus point for the students and gives them a natural edge in the field. The choices for courses range from Diploma in Digital Marketing to Executive Programs in Digital Marketing along with many other IAMAI approved courses.

All this hard work pays, for sure. Fresh graduates can expect starting salaries around INR 15000-35000, while experienced professionals can reach for the skies.

The brand promotion paradigm has shifted towards the online medium. Everything from public relations to education, to shopping and other activities in between are going online. As a result, digital marketing is peaking too. However, this is merely the beginning as experts believe, especially now with an entire nation geared to make a digital future, digital marketing, and analytics is just beginning to scratch the surface but is surely here to stay.

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