Free ClickFunnels Alternative | 6 Tools in One Marketing Platform

Hi Guys, I am Arpit your growth & AI for marketing trainer.

I am really excited for today’s video because what I’ll show you today is a free ClickFunnels alternative

I wish I’d found this tool earlier. I was looking for such a solution for a long time to sell my own courses.

It blew my mind because this tool offers so much value it can actually help us save hundreds of dollars.

It is called (systeme with an e since it’s a french company)

In a nutshell it is a free Clickfunnels alternative in fact it replaces a bunch of other tools required to run a digital business. combines 6 different tools in a single marketing platform.

I’ll give you a demo of the tool but first let’s understand how this helps you.

So what are the core tools we need to run & scale a digital business?

Well to begin with we need a website builder to create our website and attract prospects.

Then to turn prospects into paid customers we need sales funnels.

We also need an email marketing solution that helps us nurture leads, cross-sell & upsell.

We also need a paid member area to securely offer our products; these could be courses, live videos, ebooks, consultancy or any sort of digital products.

Then we also need marketing automation to create a robust system so the business can be scaled.

Then finally we should also have an affiliate program management tool so we can create an army of affiliates that sell for us.

So as of now you might be using a different tool for performing each of these functions – How inefficient is that?

You might be paying hundreds of dollars for just performing one of the functions and juggling between tools.

Now what if I tell you – You can do all of this for free.

Isn’t that amazing.

There is no better free ClickFunnels Alternative

If you check out the pricing plans for you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You get 1000 contacts in the free tier plan which is a good number to start with.

The free plan has all these amazing features like sending unlimited emails, 3 sales funnels, blogs, membership sites, automation rules, workflows, email campaigns, order bumps, Stripe & PayPal integration, your own affiliate program, only two important features are not included: custom domains and automated webinars.

The next plan which is for $27 includes custom domains so you can start with as little as 27 dollars.

I pay 100 dollars to Teachable for just hosting my courses plus I pay for email marketing and CRM separately.

So with we can start with just 27 dollars and their max plan is close to 100 dollars.

Comparing it with Clickfunnels, the minimum Clickfunnels plan is for 97 dollars.

I believe has the most comprehensive features at this price point in the market.

I am actually considering launching my upcoming course on this platform.

It is also available on Zapier so you can connect it with other tools.

Ok so now that you have a good idea about how this tool is helpful let me give you a quick demo and make it easy for you.

Sign up using my affiliate link in the description if you do so I’ll actually give you access to some of my paid courses plus you also get to support the channel so I can continue making such videos.

Just send me an email at if you sign up using my affiliate link. I’ll verify and give you access to my paid AI for marketing course.

So once you sign up and you’re in the dashboard you can see the number of leads and sales in the last 30 days.

That’s nice. I like the dashboard. It is not crowded but maybe they could add a couple more widgets like they can show the traffic here or the sales funnel conversion rate.

Then we have contacts, so like I told you earlier in the free plan you can have 1000 contacts.

Anybody who fills up a sales funnel form that you created using will show up here. I’ll show that to you in a bit.

You can also import your contacts if you already have a list.

Then we have funnels. Yes it is really the best free ClickFunnels Alternative

Let me quickly show you how to create a funnel.

Click on create, you will see different kinds of funnels you can create.

I’ll select sell as I will create a funnel for selling one of my courses just for this tutorial purpose.

So let’s name the funnel as AI for marketing course funnel.

Choose the currency in which you want to sell, then click on create.

On the left here you can see the steps in the funnel.

This is the order of the pages in your funnel.

You can change the order of the steps just by dragging and dropping it.

Since I selected the sales funnel option I see an order page and a thank you page.

To add a new step in the funnel click on create step.

From the type dropdown you will see different kinds of pages you can create.

Like we see here squeeze page, popup form, sales page, order page, upsell, downsell, webinar etc.

I’ll select the popup form type just to show you. Hit save.

Now on the right you see a bunch of templates.

The templates change as per the step type you selected like we see a bunch of templates for the popup form.

I’ll delete this step for now.

Let me show you the page builder and how easy it is to design your page.
So I’ll select a template.

Now you can edit the step name.

You can also decide the page URL.

You can see right now this page is hosted on the sub-domain because I am on the free plan.

If you are on the starter paid plan you can add your own domain here.

You’ll see the option of adding a custom domain under profile settings and then custom domain.

Click on add domain to add your domain you will have to add a Cname record in your DNS.

For now we will head back to editing the order page.

Then you can decide the affiliate commission for this product and payout delay in terms of number of days.

Then you will see the option to add resources.

This is what the customer will get after buying this product. It can be a course, course bundle, a tag or even a physical product.

If I select the course option then it asks you to select the course you want to give access to since I haven’t created any course yet I don’t see anything here.

To create a course you need to select the course option under the product/sales option in the top navigation bar.

Click on add a new course.

Give your course a name and description.

Under name I’ll put AI for marketing course.

Then you can decide the URL path, color, big image, small image and hit save.

Now you could add students and modules for this course.

I will click on add module and name the module as AI for Marketing Introduction. Hit save.

Then click on add lecture, let’s name the lecture as machine learning fundamentals
If you want to drip the course lectures you can add the number of days to delay this lecture.

Then I’ll select the page type as a video. Hit save.

This template looks good. You can add your unlisted YouTube video link here, then also add the text for this lecture and additional resources if applicable. Then click on save changes.

Now if I go back to the funnel that we were creating and I add resources and select the membership course I can see the name of the course we just created.

You can also choose the course access type as full access or drip content.

Then you can also create price plans for that. We need to add our payment gateway. It is very simple to do.

Under your profile settings you will see the option of payment gateways.

Then you could integrate your Stripe and PayPal gateway.

Like I’ll click on connect with stripe.

Now all I need to do is login into my Stripe account.

For now let’s go back to creating our funnel.

You can also add coupons but first you need to create one from the coupons option under product/sale in the top menu.

Then you could also set up some automation rules.

Like I can see here I can create the rules based on three triggers, new sale, page visited and form fill up.

Some of the actions you can automate are subscribe to a campaign, add a tag, send email, enrol in course, call a webhook etc.

So these are very useful automations you can create.

You can also do an A/B test between two pages.

You can also see some stats and sales numbers here.

Now to edit this template go back to the step configuration tab, and on the right you will see an edit page option.
Here you get a pretty straight forward what you see is what you get page builder.

Like if I click on your logo here I can upload my own logo.

I can edit the text to say AI for Marketing Course.

You can add all these elements that you see on the left.

Blocks are also pretty cool.

They have made some common blocks that a website may have like opt-in forms, features, footers, team, welcome etc.

I like this block under the opt-in forms and would like to add it so I can just pick it up and drop it where I want it to be.

You can also delete any section you want.

Now let’s say you wanted to add another field in this form.

So what you could do is either use the form input element but it actually has a different style.

You could customise the settings to make it look like other fields but I’ll actually delete it and just clone an existing field.

Now when I do that you can see the spacing is gone from the top.

So what I can do is get into its settings and increase the margin from the top.

Yup now it looks good.

I can also decide the form field input type, let’s select the city and I’ll remove the placeholder text.

It is missing the form field heading so I can clone an existing one, then move it a row down, then adjust the margin to make it look consistent.

Let’s change the text to city.

Similarly you can edit this entire page and make it look like how you want it.

Then you can preview it and see how it looks on the phone by pressing the mobile icon.

Then just click on save changes and hit exit.
So this is how you can create funnels for your business, wasn’t this fun?

Now let’s talk about email marketing.

So under the emails tab you will see three options, newsletter, campaigns & statistics.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Newsletters is a single email that you could send to your contacts.

Click on create a newsletter.

Create your subject like I’ll just put here Top Digital Marketing Updates – June 2021

Put your brand name under sender name like I’ll put NSDM INDIA

Now the sender email cannot be gmail so use your custom domain name like I’ll put here

Then I’ll use the visual editor and click on create.

Now we can create the email template using this visual editor, they have all the basic elements here.

You could also use merge tags to personalize emails.

When done click on save changes and then hit exit.

Now you could add an attachment if applicable, you could also decide to send emails to only contacts who registered x days ago, you can also include or exclude contacts using tags.

Then you could either send the email now or schedule it for later.

Now let’s talk about campaigns.

Through campaigns you can send multiple emails in a sequence you decide.

Under the campaigns tab click on create.

Let’s name the campaign as AI course nurture and hit save.

Then click on the campaign name.

Now here you can add multiple emails and decide their sequence.
Click on add an email.

For me the sender name will be NSDM INDIA, use a custom email, give it a subject – Application of AI in Marketing, choose visual editor and hit create

Then create the email using the editor, hit save and then exit.

Now when you click on save and publish, it will ask you – delay before sending the email in terms of hours or days.

So when a user fills up a form on your website, through automation you can subscribe the user to this campaign and specify when he should receive his first email after filling up the form.

You can also specify this email should be sent after which email. I don’t see anything here since this is the first email in this campaign.

Then you can also decide the time and the day of the week this email should be sent. Hit publish.

Similarly you can create a number of emails that you would want to send in a sequence as a part of this campaign.

Then finally we have the statistics tab where you can see some general email stats like number of emails sent, opened and bounced etc. campaign specific stats can be seen in the campaigns tab.

Ok now let’s talk about automations.

So you’ll see rules and workflows under the automations tab.

Let’s click on add a rule.

Then you can specify a trigger and an action.

Click on add trigger to see all the triggers available like tag added or removed, funnel or blog page form subscribed, campaign completed, registered for a webinar, enrolled in course, new sale, link clicked, page visited.

So I’ll select the funnel step form subscribed, then choose the funnel we created earlier and the step page.

Then click on add an action, now you can see all the actions available, so I’ll select subscribe to a campaign and select the AI course nurture campaign that we created earlier. Hit save.

Now let’s talk about workflows, the difference between rules and workflows is that in workflows you can define a trigger and then automate multiple steps based on that trigger.

Click on create.

Let’s name the workflow an appropriate name, then click on the workflow name.

Create your first trigger.

Then we see the same trigger options as we saw under rules.

I’ll select the new sale option and then the order form through which the sale happened.

Click on the + icon below your trigger, then you’ll see three options: action, decision and delay.

We have already seen the actions earlier.

Decisions can be used to create a Yes, No split.

Let’s create a filter based on tags.

Now I can see contacts tagged with and I’ll select the AI course converters tag and hit create.

Now I can see a Yes and No split and add a specific step for Yes and a specific step for No.

Delay is pretty straight forward; you can delay the automation by minutes, hours or days.

I hope this gives you a strong idea about how to use workflows.

Now let’s talk about our final tool within this tool.

How to set up your own affiliate program.

So know that in we have a built-in affiliate program that means your affiliates don’t have to explicitly signup as an affiliate.

If they fill in any opt-in form and become a part of your contact list they automatically become an affiliate.

All you need to do is send them an email with their affiliate ID.

So when you are in the visual editor using the merge tag you can send them their affiliate ID and the affiliate dashboard link.

So your affiliates get the dashboard, obviously it doesn’t have the other options they can just see their progress as an affiliate.

All they need to do is send traffic on your website with their affiliate ID in the end.

I am adding a video link in the blog for this video. You can access it from the description to know more about affiliate programs.

That will be all for this video.

Now it is your turn to test the platform.

Go create your free account right away and launch your online business with

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Thank you so much for watching.

See you in the next one.

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