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Today we will talk about an awesome web scraping tool called Octoparse.

It’s the easiest web scraping tool I have come across.

It gives you the ability to scrape any website without code. (show popular websites logos)

Stay tuned I am going to give you a quick tutorial of how to do just that.

They say data is the new oil. It is the new differentiator.

It is at the core of market research and business strategies

Whether you want to start a new project or churn out a new strategy for an existing business, you need to invariably access and analyze a vast amount of data.

I can probably think of 100 different use cases of data collection using web scraping.

Like it’s used for –

  • Lead generation by scraping websites like LinkedIn, Google Maps, Yelp,
  • Scraping product data from sites like Amazon or eBay for competitor analysis. Comparisons sites also use it.
  • Scraping data from a store locator to create a list of business locations.
  • Social media sites are scraped for marketing automation and sentiment analysis.
  • Web scraping is used in big data and business intelligence.
  • It is also used for building machine learning models that could predict anything like a stock market price, house prices, competitor’s prices, etc.

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Coming back on this video.

Let’s talk about Octoparse.

To begin with, you need to first download it. Make sure you download the latest version the link is in the description.

Once installed this is how it will look like.

To start scraping hover on new, here you will find advance mode and task templates.

In today’s video, we will only talk about task templates.

These are pre-made templates for scraping popular websites.

Advanced mode gives you the ability to create your own custom scraper but that’s the video for another day.

Click on task templates.

Here you will see some popular websites.

They have already created readymade templates that are really very simple to use and can easily help you collect data from these popular websites.

You can also see these websites as per category like we have products, travel, social media, search engines, directories, maps, reviews, jobs, real estate, etc.

I am going to show you how to scrape 5 popular websites.

I think these are the most important ones.

Let’s start with Amazon.

So they have 16 templates for Amazon.

These are basically the same templates but for different countries.

Like you can see here UK, US, Germany, India, Spain, France, and Japan.

The one we are going to use is this one which says: IN Detail Pages Amazon

You can check out the sample data this one will scrape

Let’s click on Try it.

So all you need to do is give it a list of ASINs which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Numbers.

It is assigned to each product on Amazon.

You can find it on the product details page under the product details section.

You just need to copy it and paste it in Octoparse.

Then click on Save and Run.

Then if you want you can schedule the task or just run it right now.

So I will click on run task in the cloud.

Then click on Dashboard.

Here you will see the task is running in the cloud.

You could also run it on your device but for the most templates that not recommended.

Once it is done running you will see the status as completed

Then under more, you will find view data and then click on cloud data

Then you will see the extracted data.

Now let’s talk about how to scrape data from Google Maps.

So Google maps can really be good for B2B lead generation.

Let’s say you need data for gyms in a certain area.

So just be on Google Maps put in your keyword.

Like gyms in Delhi. Then you can scrape their address, website, and phone number

Let’s do this in Octoparse.

Go to task templates, then maps, then click on Google Maps.

Then click on store information scrape with the keyword.

Have a look at the sample data.

Click on Try it, then entre your keywords

Like I will put in MBA colleges in Pune, that’s the audience I cater to.

Then just click on Save and Run.

I’ll run this task in the cloud.

Go to your dashboard you will see the task running.

Wait for it to complete, then under more, go to view data and then cloud data.

Then from here, you can export the data into an excel sheet.

Now let’s look at how to scrape Twitter for lead generation.

To find leads on Twitter simply put your keyword in the search bar.

Like I put here looking for a web developer.

Hit enter.

Now you can see all these people are looking for a web developer

So we can scrape all of them into an excel sheet

Go to Octoparse, task templates, then click on social media, click on Twitter.

Then select advance search, check out the sample data.

Here you can see the author’s Twitter handle and their tweet with a bunch of other data.

Click on Try it.

Now you need to enter the page URL.

To copy the URL of the search that we did on Twitter and paste it.

Then define how many times you want it to scroll.

For now, I will just put it in 5. Then click on Save and Run.

The run task in the cloud. Go to the dashboard.

Once completed this is how the data will look like.

Now let me show you how to scrape Yelp for B2B lead generation.

I’ll select Yelp from popular task templates.

Then select Yelp URLs.

Check out the sample data.

Here you can see the title which is the business name, their phone number, address, etc.

Then click on Try it.

To give it a URL head-on Yelp.

Find the businesses you want to scrape.

Let’s say nail salons, then put in the location.

Now here you will see these business listings.

Copy the URL of this page and paste it in Octoparse.

Then define the number of pages you want to scrape.

For now, I’ll just put 2.

Hit Save and Run.

Then click on the run task in the cloud.

You know the drill from here.

Last but not least let me show you how to scrape Facebook.

From popular task templates select Facebook.

Then select comments Facebook.

This template is designed to scrape comments from each post on Facebook.

Check out the sample data you can see the name of the people who commented and their comments.

It would have been great if it also collected their profile URL. You can do that by creating your own scraper through advanced mode.

Click on Try it.

Now let me show you how to find post URLs.

So you need to click on the date and time link in order to find the URL of that post.

Copy it and paste it in Octoparse

Then I am not really sure about page size but it’s not a big deal.

I’ll just put 5 here.

Hit Save and Run.

Then click on the run task in the cloud.

That’s all now you can view the data once the task is completed.

That will be the end of this.

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