How To Hyper-Personalize Your LinkedIn Outreach On Automation

Hey guys, what’s happening.

Today I will show you how to hyper-personalized your LinkedIn outreach on automation.

That means we will send a personalized image, with the member’s profile picture in it as a LinkedIn message to 1000’s people on automation.

The transcript for this video is on my blog, the link is in the description.

Personalization is not just about changing names.

In fact in my AI for marketing course, we learn how to use AI for hyper-personalization.

Big brands already leverage hyper-personalization to drive key metrics.

Netflix changes the ad image in real-time based on what the user watched on their platform.

Cadbury just did this amazing campaign, they promoted 1800 local businesses.

Their video ad showed local stores as per the viewer’s Pincode on YouTube in real-time.

Imagining how you could do that?

Well, It is actually easy to do

And you must use it for your business.

Today I will show you a tool called Hyperise. It is a very cool tool.

We will use it for image personalization but you can do so much more with the tool.

You can personalize your videos, images, website, emails, and even your ads.

Yes, you’ll have to do some additional integrations for videos and ads.

I will probably cover them in my upcoming videos.

Today let me show you hyper-personalized LinkedIn outreach.

So always know that you need data for any kind of hyper-personalization.

For LinkedIn outreach – we can scrape their profile to gather data.

We can use Phantombuster to collect their names, profile images, business names, company websites, and a lot more.

Once we have their data we can send them personalized images as a message.

We can embed their profile picture or any other data that we have.

This is one of those strategies very few are using and that’s why it works.

What we need to do this is

A hype rise account – it is our main tool for image personalization.

Access to your website files so you can personalize your landing page. For this video, we will use WordPress.

A Google sheet with data. To fill up the Google sheet and for sending messages we will use Phantombuster.

Alright so let’s begin.

Just sign up with Hyperise

From the dashboard click on the image option

We will design the image from this canvas.

We can import our own designed image.

We can also use their library for getting images.

This is the image template that we will send as a LinkedIn message

Let’s personalize the image by embedding the user’s profile picture in the image template.

We will also include their first name.

Now the image is ready. Let’s save it.

We could include a lot more like their website, logo, business name, skills on LinkedIn, etc

But for now, let’s launch the image campaign.

Then it will ask you – Do you want to link this campaign with a website landing page?

Since we want to link we will hit yes.

Put your landing page link

Then it will ask you – Do you want to enable Reserve IP lookups

We can say no as we will collect our own data from LinkedIn

Then we can click on the finish as we are not personalizing email for now.

We are done here now the next step is to personalize our landing page.

First, we need to paste the hype rise snippet to the website or the page you want to personalize.

Under the hyper campaign section, you will get the option to add snippets to your website.

Click on it and copy the code. Once you paste it you can also verify from here.

We can paste the code through their plugin. Let’s install it.

This plugin will also help us edit the OG tags to generate a personalized preview inside the LinkedIn message.

So let’s create our OG tags.

We need to put the image hash which we can find from the image link in our hyperise account.

You will find it between i/ and /sheet copy it and then paste it in the plugin

Then create your title and description.

Use parameters to personalize your title and description like I am using {{first_name}} parameter.

Then to save changes in WordPress click on update.

Next, we need to install the hyperise chrome extension.

Install it from this link it is there on my blog

Once installed head on to the page you want to personalize.

As for this video, I will go to a sample AI for the marketing webinar landing page that I have created.

Now click on the Hyperise chrome extension.

Please note, the way you want to design your page is to keep a sample image on your landing page which you will replace with the image created in Hypersire.

For now, I will replace this sample template with the Hypersie image.

We can also personalize the text, just click on it, and then you could embed their name or business name or their website or their logo or any other custom data you have.

For now, I will just add their name with some text.

Once you are done personalizing click on save.

Now let’s move to the third and final step.

We need a Google sheet with targeted user data.

Let’s head on to LinkedIn and let me show you how to find your target audience

You could simply type in your keywords to find people on LinkedIn.

Like in my case, entrepreneurs are one of the segments I target so I can search for Founders.

Now we can see LinkedIn has about 4 million founders to show me.

To be more specific we should use these filters like locations, companies, industry, etc.

Like I will choose the marketing and advertising industry as that is most relevant for me.

We can only send a message to our 1st-degree connections that are people who are directly connected with us.

I will show you how to do that using this phantom which says LinkedIn message sender.

You can also go for your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. You can send them a connection request along with a short message.

You can use this phantom for it which says LinkedIn Network Booster – Automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message.

For now, I will only send messages to my 1st-degree connections.

Before we can send messages to them we need to scrape their information.

So once your targeting is done just copy the LinkedIn URL and head on to Phantombuster.

Search for a phantom called LinkedIn search exporter and click on use this phantom.

You can always use anyone phantom for free.

Now it will ask for your LinkedIn session cookie.

Install the Phantombuster chrome extension and then click on connect to LinkedIn

Hit save. Then paste the URL of your LinkedIn search that I told you to copy.

Under behavior settings, we don’t need to change the default settings so I will click on save.

Then we will do a manual launch for now. We don’t need any notifications I will hit save.

Then click on launch.

Once it is finished copy the link of the result’s file.

Open a Google sheet to import the data here.

We will use a formula for it.

So in the first cell, I will type in =importdata(“”) and hit entre.

Now, this much data is actually enough for me for now but we could enrich our data more by using another phantom called LinkedIn profile scraper.

You can see it can scrape a lot more data.

We can use all this data that we scrape for hyper-personalization.

For now, let’s move forward and connect this Google sheet with hyperise.

Let’s make this sheet public first and copy the link.

Go to the image you create in hyperise and click on integrations.

Then click on add and search for Google sheets.

Click on the new sheet and login with your account

Paste the link to your Google sheet.

Then Check Google Sheets Modified Date this will make sure if you edit something in your Google sheet it will reflect in hypersie.

Then select the columns you want to merge like I only want the first name and profile picture for now.

Then click on save.

Now let’s test if the personalization is working.

So in the search bar put your landing page followed by /?utm_hyperef=

A number which you will find in your hyperise account.

Click on Google sheet, copy your link, and paste it into a notepad.

Then copy the number after the sheet- and paste it at the end of your landing page followed by a _ and a row number that you want to call from the google sheet.

Like if I put 2 here it will pull the data from the second row in my Google sheet.

We can see the personalization seems to be working fine.

Now let’s move to the last part and set up our automation for sending messages.

Let’s use this phantom called LinkedIn message sender.

Click on connect to LinkedIn. Hit save.

Then paste the public link of the Google spreadsheet that we created.

Type in your message.

You can use custom tags in the message as to embed any data that is present in your Google sheet.

Like you see here I have embedded their first name.

Then we also need to insert the personalized link for that we can put in #hyperise#

The link that goes in the message will generate a preview image using OG tags.

Now we must create a column in our Google sheet so this can work.

Let’s give it the same name, hyperise, and paste the link that I showed you how to create.

Since this is row 2 so I have 2 in the end.

Now hold on to the blue mark from the bottom right of this cell and drag it for Google to automatically add numbers.

Done now let’s go back on Phantombuster

Enter the column name where profile URLs are stored in our case it is called URL

Hit save.

The number of profiles to send messages per launch for now I will just put 5.

You can also create a message sequence which I actually recommend you to do.

Ask them a personalized question first and then go for your sales or call to action message.

Click on save.

We don’t need email discovery so again just click on save.

Then launch the phantom.

It will start working.

Let me show you my LinkedIn message so you can see the personalized messages being sent.

That will be all for this video.

I hope you like it if you did let me know in the comment section.

Also, tell me what else you want to learn.

I teach such cool and effective skills in my courses.

See you in the next one.

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