How To Scrape Data From eBay

How To Scrape Data From eBay And Macy | Data Scraping For Ecommerce Business

Hey guys, how’s it going? Today’s video will talk about How To Scrape Data From eBay and Macy. Then I am going to show you a very robust tool called Bright Data formerly known as Luminati which offers comprehensive solutions for your data scraping needs.

We will look at How To Scrape Data From eBay and Macy using Bright Data.

In the world of cut-throat competition, every commercial enterprise is trying to outdo each other.

Having access to data can provide a competitive advantage for your ecommerce niche.

Before we get into scraping let me quickly tell you the top reasons How To Scrape Data From eBay and Macy and why you need web scraping for your ecommerce business.

Real-Time Tracking Of Competitor Prices

Price is undoubtedly the most important factor while making an online purchase. Keeping an eye out for what your competitors are charging and adjusting your price accordingly can help you gain competitive advantage.

Analyse & Predict Market Trends

The market is not as black and white as selling woollens during winters. E-Commerce is transforming rapidly, and you need to keep up with the latest trends by analysing what’s working for your competitors to stay relevant.

Learn About The Customer

Find out how the customer feels about specific products, preferences, choices, and purchase patterns through scraping product reviews. You could also perform sentiment analysis by scraping social media sites and product reviews to improve your ecommerce strategy.

Predictive Analytics

With the help of data scraping, you can have terabytes of data at your exposure and then use predictive analysis to analyze past and present trends to foretell the future trend, formulate targeted recommendations and promotions, improve supply chain management to maximise profits.

Content Comparison

For beating your competitors at SEO. You might already know that search engines prefer to rank web pages with original content. Therefore, with the help of web scraping, you can identify what topics your competitors are covering and compare how original your content is.

Now that we understand why web scraping is important for your ecommerce business.

Let me actually show you How To Scrape Data From eBay and Macy the two popular ecommerce websites.

We will use this awesome tool called Bright Data. It is a leading proxy server and data collection tool for business.

Let’s start.

To begin you need to create an account with Bright Data.

They offer a $10 bonus to try the data collector tool.

They have actually given me a special offer.

So if you sign up with the link in the description | | you get $50 as a bonus when you top up with $50.

Once you sign in, click on data collection from the left navigation bar.

Then click on add new collector.

Then just put the name of the website you want to scrape.

They have ready-made templates for major websites.

Like I will put in Macy

Then you will see a couple of templates here.

One for scraping category pages and the other for scraping product pages.

We need to use both of them but first we will use the category page template so we can scrape the product links from any category on Macy’s website.

Once we have the product links we will feed it to the product template to scrape product information like name, description, price, sizes, images etc.

So let’s begin by choosing the category page links.

Now under format my dataset select CSV and check flatten CSV.
Then just click on next.

Here you can check the output and then click on next.

Then select initiate manually.

Now here we need to paste the link of the category page you want to scrape.

So head on to Macy’s website and under the shop by department let’s scrape shoes.

Copy the link and paste it in the URL section.

Then click on start.

You can see the progress.

For now I will click on cancel because that much data is enough of this tutorial.

Now we can see the collected data here which is basically the product URL’s from the shoes category.

Let’s get this into an excel sheet. Click on done.

You will see the collector that you just created, click on it and then click on statistics.

Then click on the download results icon.

Now that we have these products links let’s move to the second step and scrape product information from them.

We will use this sheet as an input sheet for our second data collector.

We need to edit this sheet a bit, remove the name from the top and then delete the unwanted columns input url, warnings and error.

Now let’s save this sheet as a CSV file as that is the required extension.

Ok now let’s head back to Bright Data.

Under data collector option click on add new collector.

Search for Macy’s and select the product page template. Click on choose this template.

Select CSV under format my data set in option. Then click on next.
We can select the output that we would like to scrape then click on next.

Then click on initiate manually.

Now we can feed it the CSV file containing the product URLs that we prepared in the previous step.

Click on browse for it and select the file.

You will see some sample product links. Click on start.

You can see the progress. I will click on cancel because that’s enough for the tutorial purpose.

Now we can see the collected data here.

Let’s get this into an excel sheet. Click on done.

Click on the collector and then click on statistics.

Then click on the download results icon.

Here it is we can see all the data we wanted to scrape like product name, size, price, sale price, description, stock, ratings, reviews, images etc.

Don’t get confused if you see the same product multiple times. That’s because the size is different.

I see empty rows here because I cancelled the collector midway if you let it run all this will get filled.

Similarly we can also scrape ebay, it is actually even easier, let me quickly show it to you.

Click on add new collector

Then type in ebay and select ebay product URL

Click on choose this template

Under format my data sets in select CSV and then check flatten CSV

Then click on next

Again click on next

Then click on initiate manually

Then simply just put the keyword here for which you want to scrape ebay.

Like I will put apple watch

You can add multiple rows or provide input through a CSV sheet.

Then click on start.

It will start scraping and in no time you will see the collected data.

Like I see here the page URL, page title, price, shipping etc.

Click on done.

To download the data in a sheet you already know the drill.

That will be all for this video.

I hope you liked it. I just showed you a couple of websites that could be scraped using Bright Data but you can use it for scraping a lot more popular websites. They have pre-made templates ready for you to use. So now you know How To Scrape Data From eBay and Macy.

If you learnt something useful make sure to like the video or share it with someone you think it will be useful for.

Thanks for watching, see you in the next one.

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