How To Get Instagram Followers. Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast And Free.

Avatar Arpit Khurana | November 12, 2018

How To Get Instagram Followers. Learn Instagram Automation


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Hi guys, I am Arpit and I am back with another video. A lot of you guys requested a video on Instagram so here I am with some of the best automation to increase your Instagram followers.
I looked at a ton of videos and tools before making this one. Honestly, I couldn’t find a single free tool with a kind of features I wanted that can help with Instagram marketing. I wanted to give you guys something which is effective and free to use so I decided to create my own bots for Instagram.
In this video I will show you how to create your own Instagram bots in under 20 minutes for free. In fact, I will share the project file on my blog. The link for my blog will be in the description section all you’ll have to do is download that file, change my Instagram username and password with your and give a list of Instagram profiles for the bot to follow. Keep watching you will understand how easy this is.
Also, I will like to bring it to your notice that using bots for automation is absolutely safe and legal but obviously you need to keep in mind that you don’t overdo it and breach Instagram’s policy. The bots that I have created complies with the Instagram policy.
Let’s get started.
In order for you to increase your followers on Instagram you essentially need to do these 2 things.
1) First, you need to find some influencers in your niche and follow their followers. Since these people are interested in same content as yours.
2) Second, you need to find and engage with posts using your niche related hashtags, then like such posts and the comments on those posts.
If you do the above two steps you will get a lot more exposure within your niche on Instagram. When you engage with your target audience they come back to check your profile, if they like you they may follow you. However, for this strategy to work you must have a stellar Instagram profile with regular high quality content posts, there is just no escaping that guys.
Now, let me show you the bots that I created. I used ParseHub for creating these bots. ParseHub is a free web scraping tool. You can download it from their website the link is in the description section.
Once you install it and sign up it will look something like this. First, let’s look at the bot in action and see what it can do, then we learn how to actually create it. The first bot that I will show you is the Instagram follow bot. Let me start the test run.
Now you can see the bot opens up Instagram, clicks on the log in button, and puts in the username and password that I have set to log in. Then, it will open a list of URLs, these should be Instagram profiles for your target audience, the bot will go and follow these profiles. I will show you how to get these profile URLs for your niche and give it to the bot to follow.
Now let’s look at the second bot that I created which will like posts and comments with your niche related hashtags.
Let me just quickly play the test run. Again, we see the bot visits Instagram. It will log in on your behalf, then it pulls up a list of Instagram post URLs related to your hashtags and then finally it will like the post and the comments on this post.
Now that you have seen what I am talking about lets actually go ahead and learn how to build these bots.
For the first bot to work you need to give it a list of Instagram profiles for it to follow. For making this list you need to identify few influencers in your niche. To do this you can use a tool like Hype Auditor the link is in the description section. Choose your niche category and country, it will show you top influencers with their Instagram handle. You can also surf Instagram to find influencers. Once you have identified your influencer, copy their profile link. Like for this example I will copy Gary Vee’s profile.
Now let’s head over to a tool called phantom buster, link is in the description. This is an awesome free tool, you can sign up by filling out this form. Once logged in visit API store, scroll down, click on Instagram follower collector, then click on use this API, then click on configure me. Now first you need to put your Instagram session cookie, for this visit your Instagram profile, then right click anywhere on that page, click inspect, then application, then on left you will see Instagram, click on it, then you will see session id, double click to select session, copy it, then head back to phantom buster and paste your session id. Now, in the second field you need to paste the Instagram influencer profile link. Like I paste Gary Vee’s profile link. Then you can leave the column name empty, then we see number of followers to collect now since the limit for Instagram is 7500 that is you cannot follow more than 7500 people so this number has to be smaller than that, for now I put 100. .Then we have number of profiles to process per launch this field is used if you have given a Google spreadsheet link with a list of Instagram profiles since we haven’t done that we can ignore this option. Then you can name the file like I put here Gary vee followers. Then click on save and then finally click on launch. Now you can see the bot has started the work, in a while your excel sheet will read to download. Then click on this blue download button.
This is how the excel sheet looks like it gives you all this information but actually we don’t need all this information so I will quickly delete these extra columns and only keep Instagram profile URLs and name the column as URLs. Save and close this excel for now.
Now we open ParseHub and create a new project. The starting URL for the project will be then click on start project on this URL. Then scroll down a bit and click on Log in we can see ParseHub has selected this element. Let’s name the selection as login button, then click on this + icon and choose click, then it will ask you, is log in a next page button, we say no. Create a new template and let’s name this template as insta login page and hit create new template. Then click on the username field and let’s name this selection as username. Now since I know Instagram dynamically changes the username element ID we need to edit the selected node and click on use Xpath selection. In the selector field paste this small code. Guys you can get this code from my website since YouTube won’t let me paste this code in the description section I will share the blog URL in the description. I wanted to tell you more about Xpath but the video becomes too long. Then, in the input field write your Instagram username. Then add a new command, choose select and click on the password field. Let’s name the selection as password, then edit the selection node and use Xpath selection, in the selector field paste this code, then input your Instagram password. Then, add a new command select and click on the log in button, let’s name it as log in button and add a new command click. Since this is not a next page we choose no and create a new template, lets name the template as insta after login, hit create new template.
Now we can see the bot has logged in. You might see a pop up to turn on notifications I will say not now. So select not now, name the selection as not now and then choose a click command. Then we say no is this not a next button and continue executing in the same template. Now we want the bot to visit and follow those profiles that we scraped using phantom buster so we get in the setting tab and click on import from CSV, then choose that file. Come back on commands tab and you should see those URLs at the bottom.
Now we want ParseHub to visit each of these URLs and follow them. For this to happen we will start with a loop command and then it will ask you for each item in, we put URLs in this field as that was the name of the column in the excel file. Then, we choose another command and say begin new entry and then choose go to template and select go to URL and put item in this field. So far we have taught ParseHub to open each of these links and now we want to train it to click on the follow button, so you will have to open one of these profiles, I will quickly copy a link from the excel sheet, open it, then choose select and click on follow button, let’s name the selection as public follow button and then choose click. ParseHub will ask you is this a next page button, we say no and then click on stay on current template. We should also change 5 to wait 30 seconds after a click this way you will not follow more than 160 people in an hour, that is how it should be. I also noticed that element id for a private account is different so we need to train ParseHub for the same so we open a private account and select the follow button, lets name the selection as private follow button, then add a new command click, since this is not a next page button we say no and then click on stay on current template. Change the wait period from 5 to 30 seconds.
We are done now, let’s test this bot. Click on get data, then test run, and then play the test run.
Now we can see the bot has opened Instagram and clicked on log in button. Now it is logging in with the username and password provided. It is in, now it opens the 1st link and clicks on the follow button, then it opens the 2nd link and clicks on the follow button. So the bot seems to be working fine.
Similarly guys I created another bot for liking posts and comments on those posts. You guys can use these bots all you need to do is, download the file given in the description section, open it with ParseHub, replace my username and password with yours. For extracting hashtags related posts head on to phantom buster and use Instagram multi hashtag search, use this API. Just put in your niche specific hashtags and the bot will give you an excel sheet with Post URLs using the same hashtag.
That will be all for today’s video. I spent a lot of time figuring this out for you guys. If you think this video added some value make sure you hit that like button and subscribe so you don’t miss on my upcoming growth hacking videos. Let me know in the comment section what all challenges you guys face in digital marketing I will try my best to find a hack around it. Bye for now see you guys soon.

Written by Arpit Khurana


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