Avatar Arpit Khurana | January 30, 2018

Google Tag Manager Workspace - Manage Work Better.

The second important concept is of Workspace.

Workspace enables different users and teams to work independently to develop and test different tag configuration, workspace helps you in version control by enabling you to roll back certain changes It also prevents teams from unknowingly publish each others changes.

To create a new workspace. You can click at current workspace or you can even click on settings and then manage workspace this will also bring you on the same speed to create a new workspace.

Click on this add icon to give your workspace a logical name so you can keep proper track when you go ahead and publish this workspace as a version. One good way of doing this is to start with your present version number followed by the feature implemented in the workspace followed by the team working on the workspace.

For example - In the version no 7, the feature implemented is facebook pixel tracking and the team working is social media team. Then you can describe this workspace and save it.

Now remember, you guys can only create three workspaces so you will have to delete them once a given task is over. You can switch between workspaces very easily also you can delete them after your workspace is done. You will see the changes here.

In case everything is good and you want to publish this workspace. Then click on submit. Now here you can see the version name as your workspace name and that is why it is necessary to follow a naming convention as explained before.

Written by Arpit Khurana

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