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Google Tag Manager Set Up Multiple Environments.

The third Important concept is of environment.

Environment is a great feature that enables you  to test your changes before you publish them to a  live server. You can set up multiple environment servers in Google Tag Manager.

If your website uses a quality assurance process as it should or if you test your changes on a staging server before you publish them to a live server then you should set up an environment corresponding to each server for your website in Google Tag Manager.

In order to create an environment. Click on admin and then on environments. By default you see two environments here live and latest. These cannot be deleted or published to manually. It is recommended that you create custom environment.

A common naming convention for environments is as follow. I suggest you to create three environments.

First - Dev, this environment is what you and your team use for day to day website development

Second - Quality Assurance, an environment that is used for quality assurance testing. Policy might be set such that all changes must pass through this environment before being published to live.

Then finally live environment

This environment will host a live version of your website.The version that is visible to your users. Once you have your naming convention established, you can set up custom environments in Google Tag Manager.

Click new. Enter a name for your environment with a description. Always check enable debugging by default enter the url for your live website, click create, your new environment should appear in custom environments listing. Like I created an environment here QA..

The next step is to paste the code snippet for each environment against the corresponding server for your website.To do this click on actions and then get snippet. Now this is the code that you need to paste against each corresponding server.

For your website the process for installing the code is same as a container which I have explained earlier in this video. Now, when you publish a version you can simply choose the environment in which you want to publish this version. This is really very convenient guys.

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