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Facebook Marketing Automation! Scrape Facebook Groups & Send Messages

Hi Guys, I am Arpit, your digital marketing consultant & trainer. I offer courses in the marketing space. Check them out in the video description.  This is probably the best Facebook growth hack and Facebook Marketing Automation working really well for some of my clients so I thought I’ll share it with you.

So the hack is to scrape relevant Facebook groups and then send the members an automated message sequence.

To execute this Facebook Marketing Automation hack on scale you need multiple Facebook accounts.

I recommend at least three Facebook accounts, but the more the merrier.

Each Facebook account needs a different dedicated residential proxy so you don’t raise any suspensions.

And then finally you need a Phantombuster account to set up the automation.

Let me show how.

The first step is to set up your proxies with Phantombuster.

I recommend using Smartproxy as they are affordable and reliable.

Head over to smartproxy.com

Sign in or sign up for a new account.

Under residential proxies click on the authentication method.

Enter the username & the password then click on create.

Our proxy for Facebook Marketing Automation and for the first Facebook account is created similarly I’ll create the other two proxies that we’ll use with the other two Facebook accounts.

Now click on the endpoint generator.

Putin the username and the password we just created for our first proxy.

Choose the proxy location like I’ll select USA.

Under session type select sticky and increase the session duration to 30 mins.

Then under the proxy list you’ll see the endpoints have been generated.

Similarly generate the endpoints for the other two proxies.

Now that we have set up our proxies let’s configure them with Phantombuster.

Once you have logged into your account from the top right click on the settings icon and then select proxies.

Click on add new proxy pool.

Let’s name this as FB Proxy 1

Paste the server address followed by the port number.

Head back to the endpoint generator in your Smartproxy dashboard, under the proxy list copy the server address followed by the port number.

Paste it under the address field in your Phantombuster account.

Now for username again head back to the endpoint generator, under the proxy list copy the username which is between the port number and the password.

In this case it is user-fbproxy1-sessionduration-30

Paste it under the username field in your Phantombuster account.

Then type in the password you created for the first proxy from the authentication method.

Similarly add the other two proxies.

Now that we have configured our proxies with Phantombuster let’s look at how to scrape members from Facebook groups.

Hover on Phantoms from the top menu and click on all categories.

Then click on Facebook and right on the top you’ll see Facebook group extractor.

Click on use this Phantom.

Click on connect to Facebook, make sure you are logged into your first Facebook account in this browser and you have the Phantombuster chrome extension installed.

After it fetches your Facebook session cookies.

Click on save.

Tell the Phantom which Facebook groups you would like it to scrape.

You can either enter a single Facebook group URL or give the URL of a Google sheet containing a list of Facebook group URLs.

The best part is you can scrape both a private or a public Facebook group and it doesn’t matter if you have not joined it or not.

For this Facebook Marketing Automation tutorial I’ll scrape this Facebook group called Learn Digital Marketing

So I’ll copy and paste its link.

Click on save.

Now tell the Phantom number of members you want to scrape from each group.

Facebook will allow the Phantom to safely extract up to 4-5k members.

Note:- Phantom will not be able to pick up from where it left off in the middle of a group members list between launches, so you should extract up to 4-5k members of one group all in one launch to get as many as possible.

For now I’ll put 500 here.

I’ll leave the number of groups to process per launch as empty as I am only scraping 1 group.

If you are scraping multiple groups via a Google sheet I’ll suggest you put 1 here so you scrape 1 group per launch so you don’t raise any suspicion.

Click on save.

Since I am scraping just one group I’ll launch it manually but if you are scraping multiple groups then choose repeatedly once per day.

Under notifications I’ll select none but if you are scraping repeatedly it is a good practice to select incase of errors.

Now from the top right settings icon select show advanced settings.

Scroll down to proxy settings.

Click on random proxy from pool.

Click on the dropdown and you’ll see all the three proxies that we created.

Since I have logged in with my first Facebook account I’ll select FB proxy 1.

Click on save and let’s launch this Phantom.

The job is completed.

Click on the eye icon to preview the data.

It looks good.

To check if Phantombuster used the proxy head over to the traffic usage tab in the Smartproxy dashboard.

Like I can see requests coming in.

You can also see the top three websites that consumed the most amount of data under the welcome tab.

Now let’s move towards our next step.

Send automated messages to the Facebook group members we just scraped.

Head back to Phantombuster.

From the top menu hover over phantoms and click on all categories.

Click on Facebook and you’ll see the Facebook message sender phantom.

Click on use this phantom.

Let’s configure it.

Click on connect with Facebook.

Make sure you are logged in with your first Facebook account and have the Phantombuster browser extension installed.

Click on save.

Under profiles to message option select My Phantoms.

From the drop down select the phantom used for scraping the Facebook groups.

So we are chaining these phantoms together.

The output of that phantom will be used as the input for this phantom.

The next task is to draft your message.

There is so much to cover here I can probably make another video on outreach strategy but let me give you a few quick tips.

The messages must grab attention, right?

It is best to personalize your message so much that it is shocking for them to believe it.

Use this tool called Hyperise for hyper-personalization.

It can enable you to insert their personalized images with names and more in your messages and on the landing page.

Checkout this video where I show you how to hyper-personalize your messages and landing pages.

Use the Facebook profile scraper phantom to enrich your data further and then use the placeholder tags to personalize your message.

It must seem as if the message was created specifically for them.

For now I’ll just send them a Hi followed by their first name.

I’ll copy the column heading firstName from the input sheet.

Remember place holders are case sensitive so it’s best to just copy paste them.

Under spreadsheet settings make sure the name of the column containing profile URLs is correct.

Hit Save.

Type 3 under profiles to message per launch.

Phantombuster recommends you process a maximum of 3 profiles per hour.

If you bypass this by too much, you will have to update your session cookie more often.

You should always spread your actions across several launches spaced throughout the day, during daytime hours where possible.

Hit save.

Under launch settings select repeatedly, from the drop down select once per working hour (9 to 5)

Under notifications choose In case of errors.

From the top right settings icon click on show advanced settings.

Scroll down to proxies.

Select random proxy from pool and I’ll choose the FB proxy 1.

Hit save.

Now let’s launch the Phantom.

And you can see it has started working.

It’s done now.

To confirm, check if messages are going out from the Facebook account like I can see here.

To scale this use more Facebook accounts with dedicated proxies for Facebook Marketing Automation.

It’s recommended a single Facebook account should send 3 messages in working hours.

So in a day you’ll send around 24 messages per account.

That’ll be all for this video.

I hope you learned something new today if you did make sure you hit that like button.

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Thank you so much for watching.

See you in the next video.

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