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Hey Guys, welcome to another video. I am Arpit co-founder NSDM we are training company offering course in marketing-tech space. You can check us out here.
Today’s video is about Facebook Ad AI tools. So I am going to show some AI based tools that you could use to get a better ROI out of your Facebook ad campaigns.
The links for all the tool that I am going to tell you are mentioned on my blog. I will leave the link for my blog in the description.
Ok Let’s begin.
So while I was researching I came across a lot of tools claiming them to be an AI tool but automation is not AI. Just creating a bunch of rules to manage your ads which is useful but is not AI. In this video I am only focusing on tools that really use AI.
So I have identified 2 major areas within Facebook Ads where AI is contributing the most.

1. Audience Optimization

2. Ad Creation & Creative Insights

Let’s explore them.

Audience Optimization

So how does artificial intelligence finds the best audience for your Facebook ads.

AI tools examines your current data – audiences, interests groups on Facebook. It then matches your best performing targeting groups with their own layer of big data to find new groups to test. Tools using Artificial intelligence can run hundreds of thousands of tests to find the perfect audience for you.

That means you’ll wake up in the morning with new tests already running – you don’t have to lift a finger, or press a button.
Due to the time, it takes to manually test ad campaigns, more and more companies are making the switch over to artificial intelligence.
Like Peloton which is a fitness company delivering live-streaming, instructor-led, group fitness classes to homes around the world. They used a tool called Lightning AI which helped them identify user groups with a high likelihood of purchasing a Peloton bike. Within two weeks, more than 500 different interest and behavioural targeting groups were tested on Facebook. Within 2 months, more than 1,000 combinations were tested. Result – Lightning AI managed 20% of ad spend and drove 26% of new purchases. This means that not only they created scale, the new audiences found had a better ROI.
Although AI can create and manage 1000’s of test for your ads. A drawback here is testing so many adsets requires a good amount of budget which could be challenging for some businesses.

So what to do, Some AI tools segment customers based on data and conduct 3-4 tests to single out the most promising audience segment, sometime leading to uncover new markets that you could never think off.

Like Madgicx an AI based tool I strongly recommend. It is the most comprehensive tool I came across. It covers various aspects ad management like audience optimization, creative insights, bid and budget optimization and more.

They follow a full funnel strategy called ARR. Aquisition, Retargeting and Retention with 100+ tailor made audience ready for you to use. Their AI allows you to grow your customer lifetime value by reducing the cost of acquisition, converting new customers (Retargeting) and increase your Life-Time Value (Retention).


By using the power of AI which works on eRFM module – Engagement, Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value
It gathers data from your Facebook pixel and continuously optimise by determining which events are most suitable to optimise on. Based on this eRFM data it create a look alike audience which tends to perform significantly better since the custom data used to build the look-alike is made up of customers with high quality traits and mostly due to the special optimization taking place outside of the Facebook platform.

Another AI tool called Adext unique thing about Adext is that you can easily find top performing demographics for each KPI. It iterates with different combinations of age, gender and the type of device to define the best performing audiences and manage your budget intelligently, assigning more budget to the top performers.

Now let’s talk about the second area where AI is contributing the most

Ad Creation & Creative Insights

Phrasee enables AI powered copywriting. They have developed a natural language generation system that can write marketing copy that sounds human – and fits the brand’s voice.

Below are some sample subject lines created by Phrasee for Dominos Pizza. One of them is written by a human and rest by the machine. Can you figure out which one. Well It is impossible to know right. AI can write language at scale indistinguishable from what humans write.


They have also developed a deep learning engine that can predict what language will and won’t work before it is sent out in the real world with greater accuracy than any human. This is real power.

If humans have to predict which line will work the best, then everyone will have their own cognitive biases but machines don’t have biases.

On the left these subject lines are ranked according to their real world performance based on open rates. On the right is what Phrasee’s deep learning model predicted. Pretty impressive right. They are quiet accurate.

Phrasee can be used anywhere like for writing your social media ads and posts, sms, landing page copy, display ads, or directs mails. Here is another AI based tool Keywee. They have built a chrome extension which helps you write engaging ads and posts.
Like I said the links for all these tools are in my blog. The link is in the description.

Keywee was trained on millions of social posts and generates text that is optimal for maximum engagement.
That app in beta right and I am eagerly waiting them to roll out the full version. You can play a little with it. Start with a keyword or a product name, followed by a few noteworthy sentences. You can copy paste the text here, the gist of what you want to promote should be clear. Then click on Save and Go.
Then once again just put your Keyword here let’s say Facebook tools and click on compose and you will start getting AI powered suggestion. Some of the suggestions are really good, won’t say it’s a perfect tool but yes Its getting there
Madgicx that I just showed you has some really powerful features when it comes to creative insights. They have a lot of widgets here which are very useful but since they don’t use AI so I am not going to talk about them in this video.

But here is my favourite widget which uses the power of AI and computer vision to identify elements in your ad images and even the videos to figure to what is driving performance. Like here you can see AI has detected all these elements in the ad like person, glasses, accessories, face etc. Then you can also see their performance. Like here whenever a person is present in the ad it got 41% of the revenue but only 50% of the budget was spent here. So you can give an insight to your design team to include the elements that are performing the best.

Ok let’s move to another tool.

This is unique about Amplero’s AI-powered platform which uses machine learning to automatically uncover thousands of new micro-segments within your customer database – then identifies the most relevant and compelling message for each micro-segment. This is truly amazing guys. Like never before it can help you achieve mass personalization at scale.

Then I want to show you Tagwag which uses computer vision to understand images and accordingly suggest captions and trending hashtags to use with that image. Let’s have a little fun with it. Ok let me put this picture of stars. Hmm not bad it has identified sky full of stars and accordingly suggesting trending hashtags with captions. Let do another one. This is an image of a hawk that I clicked from my window.

This will be all for the video. Thank you so much for watching. Hope you liked it. Let me know in the comment section. If you haven’t already subscribed. Consider being a subscriber so you don’t miss out.

Bye for now see you in the next one.

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