My Content Curation Machine: Build Your Own Content Tool

Avatar Arpit Khurana | February 12, 2019

Hi Guys, I am Arpit. Today I share a nice little sweet hack which I am sure all you content creators out there will love.

I will show how you can build an automated system which can help you curate a ton of high quality content on social media with ease for free. After watching this video you should be able to set this content tool up for your business in less than 30 minutes.

Getting fresh ideas for your social media posts can often seem challenging, as it is difficult to continuously come up with fresh and valuable content.

Curation of content will help you become a trusted referrer of valuable information. When we curate content we get recognized for exploring & sharing the best available knowledge. People appreciate the diverse perspectives that we share about their topics and interests.

Sharing content in an ethical manner drives recognition from publishers. You must link back to the original article and give credit where it’s due.

Now let’s talk about how to make your own content curation tool.

So we will use 3 free services to build this tool. Wordpress, RSS and Zapier

First, we will pull content into a Wordpress blog from various sources using RSS

Second, we will connect our Wordpress blog with our social media channels through Zapier.

You will be able to share content from any platform like from any website or blog, a YouTube channel, social media handles like Twitter handles and even a Pinterest boards.

Now let me show you how you can set this up.

I suggest you set up a Wordpress blog only to use it like a curation tool

Like I have set up this Wordpress blog on a sub domain

This sub domain will only be used for this tool so I suggest you put a no index no follow tag in the head of this blog because we don’t want Google to index this subdomain.

We will use this Wordpress like a tool. Just to automate content curation on social media.

Now let’s install a plugin that will help us import blogs using RSS feed.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication. It allows users to access updates to online content in a standardized, computer-readable format.

Let’s click on plugins – add new. In the search box type in RSS feed. You should see a plugin here called WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher. I will put the link for this plugin in the description.

Click on install now, then activate.

Get into the plugin - it will come under posts.

Up top you will see campaigns – add new  - click on it.

Scroll down you will see add feed.

Now here you can add any type of feed like earlier I told you we can fetch content from any website, YouTube channel, Twitter profile and even a Pinterest boards.

Let me quickly show you how you can do it for each of these platforms.

Websites :- You need to generate the RSS feed link for any website you want to fetch. Most websites will already have it. Just type in their domain name /feed. Let me quickly show it to you guys for some of the blogs that I like. So the first website is Moz. I will type in Now you can see the feed link. So all you need to do is copy this link, head on to your wordpress blog and paste it in the add feed section. Then you can quickly check if the feed link works fine. Click on the button next to it. It has turned into a green thumbs up, this means the feed is working fine.

Let’s look it for another website called product hunt. So I will put in their domain name/feed ( The feed comes up. Now all you need to do is copy paste this link in the add feed section. Test it. Works fine.

YouTube Channel :- To fetch a YouTube channel is pretty simple. Open any YouTube channel, copy their channel link and paste it into the add feed section that all you need to do.

Twitter :- If you want to fetch tweets from any twitter profile head on this tool called . The link is in the description. You just need to put the twitter handle here then click on fetch rss. You will then see the feed, just copy the link and paste it into add feed section. You can test it, works fine.

Pinterest :- You can also fetch a Pinterest profiles or board in case you want to use this entire system for your Pinterest marketing. All you need to do is add /feed.rss in front of the Pinterest profile link that you want to fetch. Like if you want to fetch my Pinterest updates you can add /feed.rss in front of my Pinterest profile link. Let’s test this link. Click on the test button it works fine. Similarly, if you want to fetch a particular interest board, you need to just add .rss in front of the board link and it will work fine.

So these were few sources from where we can fetch content into our Wordpress blog.

Now we will fetch this content as drafts in our Wordpress blog. So I will keep the publish status as drafts. This way you get more control. You can choose what to share and what not to. Also, you can schedule your posts on social media. I will show it to you after I run this campaign.

Another tip is that you can change the default option for images, choose don’t use general settings and check set first image in content as Featured Image. This way you will ensure that images will be shared on your social media channels.

Now I will publish this campaign. We can see campaign published confirmation. Now let’s run this campaign and fetch some content. It’s done. Let’s click on update now. You can see total fetched as 23. Let’s get into posts, we can see 23 drafts. So this is how the content will look like. You can go through these drafts, if you like the content you can share it on your social media just by publishing this draft. Also, you can schedule drafts like you get this option publish immediately click on it. From here you can set the date and time at which you want to share this post.

Now we will connect our Wordpress blog with our social media channels. To do this head on to Zapier, sign up if you don’t already have an account. I will login.

Click on make a zap. I will connect my Facebook page with my Wordpress blog.

Let’s name this zap as Wordpress to Facebook. Then lets choose Wordpress from this search box as a trigger app. Then our Wordpress trigger will be a new post, then click on save and continue. Now you have to connect your Wordpress account.

Put in your Wordpress login URL, username and password. Then click on Yes, continue.

Then test your login credentials, it says success so we will click on save and continue.

Then set your post status as published and post type as posts, click on continue. Then Zapier will pull some of your existing posts, you can check them and then say continue.

Now we need to connect our Facebook so click on Add one now.

Select Facebook pages, then select your Facebook page action as create page post and hit save and continue. Now connect your Facebook page, test it and then hit continue.

Then select the Facebook page on which you want to post. You will see all your pages that you are the admin for. Then you can set the message that will shared on your social media as post title. Link URL this is the URL where users will go after they click on your post, we should link back to the original source so scroll down and choose source permalink, then hit continue. Then you can test this Zap, it says the test was successful so you can click on finish.

Similarly, you can connect your other social media channels it is pretty simple.

That will be all for this video. I love the comments you guys post and I am sorry I am not able to reply to so many of the questions you guys ask, but I will make videos on commonly asked questions so keep them coming. Subscribe if you already haven’t. Turn on notifications so you don’t miss out. Until next time.

Written by Arpit Khurana

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