A.I. for Marketing Course

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Create sophisticated machine learning models understand how to gather and clean data, select an algorithm, train, evaluate and deploy a model without code.

Why AI For Marketing Course?

Upskill to lead the way –
AI can be learnt without coding

World’s biggest tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon & IBM offer a plethora of AI tools for non-coders.

Become an AI for Marketing Wizard

  • Learn how to utilize A.I. at each stage of your marketing funnel to boost ROI.

  • Understand how to leverage the power of A.I. to drive business solutions. Empower various business functions like marketing, sales, product development, R&D, customer support etc.

  • Build machine learning models, to predict churn, sales, consumption preferences& score leads. No coding required.

Acquire the most in demand skill

Learn how to embrace AI for Marketing


Learn how to predict churn, sales, advertising campaign performance, media buying mix, market basket analysis, lead scoring…


Learn how to create clusters to maximise your ROI. Show the right message to the right customer at the right moment.

Natural Language Processing

Learn how to use NLP for sentiment analysis, competition research, trend analysis, customer feedback analysis

Psychographic Personalization

Learn how to reveal user psychographics to predict user behaviour and consumption preferences, segment users and personalise your website in real time based on psychographics to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.


Drive visual social listening, learn how to use visual data for personalization, implement visual search for an ecommerce store. Detect logos, emotions, assign labels, understand text from images using computer vision.

AI Marketing Automation Chatbot

Learn how to create an AI-powered chatbots that learns by itself based on previous customer queries. It can help you scale, save time, save cost, provide greater customer satisfaction, increase customer engagement, monitor consumer data to gain insights.

Learning Outcome

Concept Clarity

  • Understand the scope of A.I. and what it possible for your business.
  • Understand A.I. and machine learning terminologies, mind-set, and its application in marketing.
  • Learn how to build a data science infrastructure for your business.
  • Realise how predictive analytics, NLP and computer vision can empower your business.

Hands on Application

  • Build sophisticated machine learning models – learn how to gather and clean data, select an algorithm, train, evaluate and deploy a model without code.
  • Predict churn, sales or score leads with code-free tools.
  • Segment customers, build clustering models to drive personalisation.
  • Build natural language processing models for sentiment analysis, predict consumption preferences entity extraction, content classification, key phrase detection, topic modeling, language and syntax detection.
  • Build computer vision models for social visual listening, image classification and object detection.
  • Extract metadata from videos – face detection, celebrity recognition, visual text recognition, key frames extraction, shot change detection, topics, annotate videos, keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, generate caption s, speaker recognition, etc.
  • Build an A.I. marketing automation chatbot.

AI For Marketing Course Curriculum

  • Artificial intelligence fundamentals
  • Application of AI & ML in marketing with inspirational stories and use cases.
  • Machine learning fundamentals
  • A.I. in pirate funnel
  • How to build a data science infrastructure for your business

  • AI for marketing playbook
  • AI project blueprint
  • A.I tools for non-coders

  • Fundamentals of predictive analytics
  • Create a prediction model for lead scoring
  • Create a prediction model for sales forecasting
  • Create a churn prediction model for a subscription company

  • Scope and impact of NLP on marketing
  • Create a model for sentiment analysis
  • Create a model for custom entities extraction
  • Create a model for content classification
  • Detect key phrases, topics, language, personally identificable information, and syntax

  • Train model to classify images via labels you choose
  • Detect and track objects in images and video where they are and how many
  • Extract metadata from videos - face detection, celebrity recognition, visual text recognition, key frames extraction, shot change detection, topics, annotate videos, keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, generate captions, speaker recognition etc

  • Build an A.I. marketing automation chatbot without code

  • Understand segmentation and cluster analysis
  • How to create market segments using cluster analysis
  • Learn how to discover cutomer psychographics
  • Leverage personality to predict consumption prefrences using natural language
  • Learn how to personalise your website in real-time
  • Vision - detect logos, emotions, landmarks, assign labels and understand text from images
  • Learn how to create hyper-personalised outreach campaigns
  • Web analytics, data tracking and marketing automation
  • Learn how to scrape any website

Who should take this course ?

Anyone interested in AI. No Previous Skills Required
  • Top management positions like CXO, Vice President & Directors

  • Professionals working in Business Intelligence and those aspiring to become Data Translators

  • Marketers looking to up-skill and practically apply AI in business.

  • Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs looking to start an AI product or service

  • Business consultants, business developers, account managers and sales

  • Professors and student looking to explore the world of AI

  • Product research and development teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a live online training course. After you enroll for the course you get access to 22-course videos and a life-long weekly webinar. You can clear your doubts and be updated with the latest in AI for Marketing through webinar training.

INR 7795/-

This is practicle oriented course. You get access to 22 course videos, live sessions, 4 quizzes, 9 assignments, weekly webinar, lifetime community access, LMS and you become a part of our exclusive social network.

Yes, the course can be taken by anyone who has the eagerness to learn.

The Curriculum goes on for 4 weeks, and then get access to our life long community sessions.

Yes, after the successful completion of the course you acquire an official certification, which is a great way show your accolade with the world. You can mention the certificate in your CV and social media profiles as a sign of your activity and commitment to self-improvement in the field of AI for Marketing.