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Best AI Copywriting Tool Platform World’s First AI Powered SEO Tool

Hi Guys! I am Arpit. Your digital marketing trainer & consultant. 

Today, we’ll experience AI magic. 

I have an awesome AI First SEO and AI copywriting tool for you. It’s called Scalenut.  

I know there are many SEO tools and AI copywriting platforms out there in the market but Scalenut is truly unique. 

It is the world’s First AI tool that brings together SEO research, AI powered long-form writing and AI Copywriting under one roof.

Let’s see how it works for SEO content:

Just give it a keyword you want to rank on  and it will quickly evaluate the competition for you. 

You can see your competition’s content quality grade, H tags, content length & more, related NLP terms, understand user intent by discovering questions, citations they are adding and so much more. Plus, it has an AI editor which can automatically create content for you.

So, SEO research & SEO writing all in one place. 

Also, I have become a huge fan of Scalenut’s Cruise mode. What sets it apart is that it can literally create an SEO optimized blog draft for you in under 5 minutes.

There is also Scalenut’s Chrome Extension that can significantly improve your productivity.

It offers completely new capabilities like preconfigured templates for emails, social media posts, ads & more, it can also rephrase, complete a sentence for you & simplify your writing.

Topic clusters is another feature which is extremely useful. It groups related keywords together in a cluster in relation to your main keyword so you can gain topical authority

While it does SEO content beautifully, Scalenut’s AI copywriting capabilities are equally amazing. The AI Copywriter tool comes with 40+ AI Templates for almost all kinds of content. 

These are some really cool features that make Scalelnut a top AI powered SEO and AI Copywriting platform.

Interested in trying this out? 

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Now, let me give you a detailed demo of how Scalenut can conduct SEO research and help you generate long form SEO oriented content. 

Once you have logged into Scalenut, you’ll find SEO Hub which helps with SEO research and SEO writing. 

Click on SEO Doc.

Enter the primary keyword you will like to rank for like I’ll put “Best Chrome extensions for Productivity” 

You can select from the suggestions. 

Choose your target location & hit ‘Create SEO doc’

Once the data gathering process is completed, click on the Create Brief button. 

In a jiffy, I can see some top stats for my top 30 competitors.

I can see the many parameters for the top 30 blogs ranking on Google for my target keyword. 

I can see their word count, content grade, number of h-tags, readability level & number of images.

Scroll down & you can see the same stats for the top 30 websites individually. 

Like here I can see the top three websites have close to 3000 word count. 

From the competition overview I understand that to rank for my target keyword the blog must be close to 3500 words a little more than most of my competitors. 

I must create about 30-35 Headings & include close to 30 images.

Now let’s look at the outlines tab.

I see the outline of the top 30 websites ranking on Google for my target keyword.

It is really cool as it speeds up the research process. 

I can easily view the top 30 blog titles and their H tags.

With it, I get a bird’s eye view of what I need to write in order to rank for my target keyword.

In these h tags, I see top chrome extensions listed as per these websites. 

This helps me shortlist mine. 

As I am well aware of this topic, I am familiar with most of these Chrome extensions.

If your awareness about the topic is low then you need to research more. 

You can read more about these subheadings quickly, just click to visit these blogs and get to know more about your topic.

For now, I’ll add about 30 Chrome extensions in my blog.

I’ll click on the headings to add these Chrome extension names as H2 in my blog brief.

You can also add your own headings

Like I’ll create the H1 tag, click on the pencil icon next to it and I’ll add 30 Best Chrome Extensions For Increasing Productivity

Now that the blog headings are decided let’s move to the question tab. 

Here you see popular questions for your topic on Google, Quora, Reddit & the Scalenut AI also suggests some questions. 

I’ll add a few questions from here and you can see they are added in the blog outline. 

You can also add your own questions and later use Scalenut AI to answer them.

Now let’s move to the next tab. 

Citations are links that appear in top 30 websites ranking for your target keyword.

Next to the website name you can see the count that is the number of times this link is mentioned.

Click on any citation website to see the anchor text, source URL & more.

With this information I know the number of times a chrome extension was mentioned & I can also visit their chrome web store page to read more about them. 

This can speed up the research significantly. 

Key terms is another useful tab. 

These are NLP extracted key terms that must be included in the content.

Frequency tells you the number of times it was used in a website. 

Next to it, is its importance as per top 30 URLs. 

It also tells you its usage in heading tags, which can be high or low. 

Click on any term to see how and the number of times it was used in your competitors main  content and headings. 

Now that we have understood the competition & the topic and we have a strong blog outline, let’s see how Scalenut can automatically create content for all these headings. 

Go to the create content option and click on the cruise mode button.

Cruise mode can create SEO optimized content for your blog in no time.

Start by explaining your blog context. 

Give a brief description of your blog.

Like I’ll put here:- This blog is for individuals looking to increase their productivity while working online. It mentions the 30 best chrome extensions for increasing productivity & focus. 

You could also give it some additional keywords but for now I’ll click next. 

Now easily generate a blog title with the help of AI

You see some great AI generated blog title suggestions.

You can also look at the top ranking titles and rephrase them or generate more suggestions. 

I’ll go with the AI generated title ‘30 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity’

You can see the blog outline is already there with subheadings & FAQs that we added earlier.

So I’ll just hit next.

You can now see pointers being generated for each heading automatically. 

You can add a point on your own or regenerate pointers automatically. 

Hit next when satisfied. 

Walla, your first draft is ready.

Scalenut has automatically generated content for all the subheadings and added a conclusion as well.   

You can see the content grade as B and close to 3000 word count.

I have skimmed through this content and it is good for the first draft.

The explanation for most of these Chrome extensions is accurate and it really understands the context of this blog.

With some minor changes they’ll be good to go.

You can edit the content for sections where you need to make tweaks and this is where these AI tools you see in the editor settings come handy.

We will use these AI tools and work towards improving the content grade, word count & readability of this blog.

First thing you want to do for improving the content grade is to add key terms in your blog. 

Head over to the key terms section, these are NLP terms that must be included in the blog.

Remember Google’s BERT update,   

Well NLP is BERT’s brain, including these NLP terms will make sure you are covering sub-topics to support your main topic. 

For each NLP term you can see their current & recommended frequency for the blog.

You can also see their importance, like how important it is to mention them in the blog. 

The ones in gray have not been mentioned at all, red indicates low frequency, green is fine and orange is overused. 

Like this NLP term screenshot needs to be mentioned. 

Click on the headings button to see how the competition has used it. 

I haven’t mentioned any chrome extension but from here I can see Nimbus is being mentioned by others. 

I can click on it to add it and then click on the robo icon next to it to generate content for it.

Now we can see the frequency has increased and is green. 

To fix the orange ones I’ll have to remove some from the blog. 

Similarly I’ll work towards fixing other key terms till I see the overall content grade for the blog has gone up to A.

Now let’s take a look at these AI tools that can help you create content automatically. 

One of my favorite tools here is SERP Ideas.

Through SERP ideas, you can quickly find up-to-date factual information and then automatically generate content using that factual information. 

Let me show you how

The explanation for the Momentum chrome extension is not accurate.

The tool has generated some general text and does not explain what this app can actually do.

To know more about this app and to quickly create content for it I can use the SERP Ideas tool.

Just enter the topic you want to learn & write about, like I have put here Momentum Chrome extension.

The ideas that I get here are absolutely correct. This is the correct description of the extension. 

I can click on the robo icon next to the idea and it will regenerate this content for me. 

Amazing right?! This way you can create accurate content quickly. 

You can also select two or more ideas and instruct AI to write about it.

You can also use the write button to write ahead.

Use the instruct button to give it instructions. 

I’ll give it an instruction to write about another chrome extension for productivity.

And you can see the AI Copywriting magic in action. 

You can also use these connectors. They are super useful. 

They give direction to your conversation. 

Use the addition connector to write more about a topic.

Similarly you can use contrast, sequence, condition, result & summary. 

Let’s say you didn’t like the conclusion of the blog and you want to generate another variation.

I could use the all in all, in summary or the in conclusion connector. 

Just try what works better or take ideas from all these connectors to create unique, creative & engaging content. 

Another cool feature about Scalenut is how conveniently I can collaborate with my team members.

All I need to do is click on the share icon at the top and share the read only or edit link with them and they can start editing this doc without login. 

Amazing right?

In addition, the content could be enhanced further through these super useful AI templates.

Like answer a question could be useful. .

Paste the question, hit generate, go through the suggestions and if you like any, add it to the editor. 

Or hit generate more suggestions if you want more. 

You can also like a suggestion so the algorithm learns more about your preferences.

You could also use these other amazing templates like heading to a paragraph, meta description, intro para, title creator and powerful AI Copywriting frameworks like AIDA, PAS & more. 

So this is how Scalenut helps in generating long form SEO focused content.

I haven’t seen any other AI tool which can do this. 

I have used Frase before. I have also mentioned it in my AI for SEO video.  

It is good with SEO research but it cannot generate long form SEO oriented content like Scalenut. 

Topic clusters is another feature that sets Scalenut apart from others you can access it from the dashboard under SEO hub. 

A topic cluster is a grouping of related keywords for content planning.

HubSpot research detailed the topic cluster approach, also known as the pillar-and-cluster technique, in 2017.

Pillar and cluster technique focuses on a particular topic which is your pillar page connected with several supporting blog pieces. 

Each blog incorporates a cluster of similar keywords that explains a sub-topic related to the pillar topic and links back to it.

To find related keyword clusters just give Scalenut your main topic you want to rank for like I’ll put here the best proxy server, choose your target location and click on create topic cluster.

Once it has gathered the data click on open cluster report.

Now I can see keyword clusters related to my main topic. 

This helps me streamline my content marketing strategy.

I can easily identify sub-topics that’ll support my main topic and use Scalenut to quickly generate content for it. 

Apart from SEO research and SEO writing, Scalenut can generate marketing copy for various other purposes.

Checkout the AI Copywriter from the dashboard, click on templates to see what Scalenut can do for you. 

It can write product descriptions & reviews, create social media posts, generate advertisement copies for various platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, use popular AI Copywriting frameworks like AIDA, PAS & more, generate website copy, answer questions, create complete video scripts, write emails and articles for you. 

Isn’t this wonderful?

Try it out for yourself. 

You get 2000 words for free with my affiliate link in the description. 

Still not convinced?

Then checkout the AI Copywriting Scalenut Chrome extension.

It’ll blow your mind. 

It’s your AI powered Copywriting companion that understands your commands and will help you generate content to make your writing clear & compelling.

Scalenut goes far beyond the grammar and writing assistants you already know, offering completely new capabilities like preconfigured templates for emails, social media posts, ads & more, it can also rephrase, complete a sentence for you & simplify your writing.

Just brief the tool what to do, like here I ask it to “write an email asking if we can post a blog on your website and get a backlink from it” 

And it created a beautiful email copy for me:- 

“I am writing to request the posting of a blog article on your website. I would be happy to pay for the post and in turn I would be grateful for a backlink from your website. Please let me know what fees you would require for the posting of the article, as well as the length of time for which the backlink would be valid”

Wow, that’s a great copy 

It understood exactly what I meant! Impressive.  

Here are some other cool things it can do. 

Rephrase will suggest alternate ways so you can express yourself clearly.

You can also command it to create any kind of content. 

Try it out, you’ll be amazed. 

It can also complete a paragraph or a sentence for you.

Simplify will convert long and complex sentences into simple easy to read sentences in a single click.

It works where you do like Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter etc.

I use the extension a lot. It saves me time, energy and helps me write better.

That’ll be all for this video. I hope you learnt something new today. 

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