6 Super Savvy Strategies for Marketing a Business Online

Putting up a website and making it social is not the only thing you are going to do while marketing your business. Yes, social media marketing does leverage a business to a commanding position… but there is more to making a resounding impact with business online. A little insight comes from the online marketing courses where students are making real-life connections with customers as part of online assignments.

Here are 6 super smart ways that digital marketing students in Pune are using to stay at the top:

1. Listing business over Online directories

Online directories are community-based platform where you can list business and add photos with descriptions. If you have a service line to boast about, listing the business on online directories will bring more traffic to your website. Getting registered is a simple process but is accepted only when your business meets certain conditions.

Reviews, testimonials, complaints, apologies and feedback are easy to understand and attend to, especially if you have additional training program to ensure 100 percent customer service.

Digital marketing courses train marketers to list business on:

  1. Askme
  2. Bizzduniya
  3. Indian yellow pages
  4. Sulekha
  5. Just Dial
  6. Indiamart
  7. Indiacatalog
  8. Indianexporters
  9. Tradeindia
  10. Doond

2. Engage in branding activities using YouTube

YouTube is worth a billion eyeballs per month and this is good news for business, especially if you have a story/ product to share. Through social marketing courses in Pune marketers master how to engage audience on social media and indulge in brand building activities through YouTube and other social media channels.

3. Ecommerce strategies: Middle path in PPC model

Digital marketing course in Pune on PPC model cover PPC model. Marketers no longer use this model to real instantaneous results. Patience is the key and that’s why digital marketers are making their e-commerce sites organic and visually appealing. SEO and content marketing takes time to show results, and that’s why re-marketing advertisements on social media are giving better results.

4. Consistent navigation

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing channels. It requires consistency and that’s why internet marketing courses focus so much on targeting landed pages. It improves acquisition and conversion rates. Optimize the overall appeal of the website with consistent landing pages.

5. What you do to abandoned shopping carts

Abandoned shopping carts have been online retailer’s biggest headache. Reviving them is a big business opportunity as they can enhance the conversion rates through Email follow-ups. Converting abandoned carts improve retention rates, which is the barometer of a successful business.

6. Utilize Customer Lifetime value

Not all customers have the same buying pattern. Some look for discounts, while others look for quality. Digital marketing plans for online business focus on retaining high value customers using metrics like Repeat Purchase Analysis and Churn Analysis. Successful online business plans rely heavily on Win-back strategies, re-targeting and new customer acquisition.

Customers hold the key to your business. They can start good and bad conversations about your services. No matter what strategy you implement for online business, e-marketing courses teach you how to monitor what customer’s are saying about your brand by setting up auto-alerts and notifications for likes, shares, comments, reviews and messages.

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