5 Tips To Repurpose Your Content For 2019

At this moment, digital marketers have acknowledged the importance of content in an online setting for various businesses. Besides, content generation is not as easy as it looks. It asks for digital marketers time, energy and dedication to get the desired results from content writing. On the other end, people expect high-quality content from you. You need to constantly share fresh content across social media platforms to satisfy the requirement of your audience.

The consumption also differs according to the preferences set by audiences. Some of them like to read blogs, while some have a taste of reading tweets on Twitter. Some audiences prefer YouTube video content whereas some are fans of podcasts.

That is the reason, you need to repurpose your content for different channels and fulfill the requirements of your audiences who have approachability to your content. We give you 5 tips to repurpose your content for 2019. So you can attract more customers to your products or services.

1) Transform Blog Video Into An Informative Video

It is useful if you add more nuts and bolts into your article but it would be more impactful if you add those details into a video and present your article content on YouTube or similar video platform. You need to consider all the important points from your article and present in your video as a ‘how to’ video. It is a tried and tested strategy which assists you to create various volumes of ‘how to’ videos. Most of the viewers surf the internet so they can learn and implement that knowledge in their life.

What you need to do is by utilizing current content, generate a writing and provide your information directly to your audiences. It is better if you rehearse it before making your final video and assume what questions people will ask to you after watching your video. To make your video interesting as well as attractive, insert visual references into your video.

2) Re-post Infographics on Social Media Websites

Nowadays, it has become a new normal that writers post their writings on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On one end, it is an effective digital strategy to reach a number of audiences but it also asks you to provide quick reflexes as these platforms are highly active and attract faster responses from audiences.

In today’s era, social media platforms prefer to see ‘rich’ content than just links on their timeline. Having said that, you can repurpose your content with the help of infographics by utilizing major points from your data and spread across social media platforms to reach audiences.

3) Roundup Posts

A Roundup post assists you to write on any casual topic avoiding the depth of that topic. This post will show the links which will direct you to the details of that topic. This is a very convenient repurposing of your content as you will have an original post which will be detailed in nature. What you need to do is to extract the main points from your original article and present as a brief information. Not only you are going to benefit from a roundup post but audiences too as they will have a summary of a detailed article.

4) Create A Podcas

Podcasts are a good source for writers who want to convey their articles through their own voice in a detailed manner. Not only that, but they go in-depth further to create a discussion of that particular topic. This is a very healthy platform as it allows discussions, opinions such as supporting as well as against which at the end creates a collage of information. To make your podcast more informative and solid bring an expert and discuss the topic so your podcast will be prosperous with more knowledge.

5) Send Newsletters With Your Content

On the off chance that you haven’t been utilizing email marketing since you don’t feel you have the assets or time to make the substance for it, you as of now have it. Not every person on your email marketing list has seen the majority of your blog entries. Make a bulletin highlighting your most up to date ones, or send one every month with recaps of the substance that was distributed a previous couple of weeks.
This is an incredible method to reconnect individuals and take them back to your site.

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