5 Super Cool Things You Can Do With Google Tag Manager

Avatar Arpit Khurana | January 30, 2018

5 Super Cool Things You Can Do With Google Tag Manager.

5 super cool things you can do with Google Tag Manager

Hi Guys, I am Arpit and today I am going to show you 5 super cool things that you can do with Google Tag Manager. Let’s jump right into it.

1) Track Page Visibility

You can track visible time and hidden time on a page using Google Tag Manager. , if you are currently watching this video then it is pretty fair to say this page is visible However, if you find yourself being distracted and switching between tabs or different browsers then this page will be hidden. Therefore , Google Analytics should not count this time. You might know that the time on the exit page and bounced page is not considered by Google Analytics, which results in skewed metrics like Avg. Session Duration, Avg. Time On Page, etc.

For this reason you might want to track page visible time and hidden time using Google Tag Manager.

2) Built in Scroll tracking

Scroll tracking is just phenomenal guys it gives you a clear indication how much of your content is actually consumed by the users, it also solves another problem by turning skewed metrics like bounce rate in to something more meaningful.

You will be glad to know Google Tag Manager now has a built in scroll tracking trigger this makes it really simple for marketers like us to implement scroll tracking without coding. You just need to define the scroll tracking depth and configure the trigger.

3) Built in YouTube Video Trigger   

Just last month Google Tag Manager released built in YouTube video trigger. Now you can easily track your embedded YouTube videos. It has built-in events for things like Start, Progress and Complete.

The YouTube Video trigger supports tracking lazy-loaded or dynamically inserted videos, too, which will be a relief to sites that defer loading videos until they are actually played by the users.

4) Track Selection In Drop-Down List

A drop down menu provides users will multiple selection options for some website tracking this information can be very useful especially when the selection does something, such as initiate a download or navigate the user to another page. Tracking user selection can give you better insights about user engagement.

5) Improve Your SEO

Google Tag Manager can help you speed up your website by eliminating errors like render blocking javascript and css in above the fold content, You can also reduce the number of requests by combining your css and javascript files. GTM can help you execute schema. It can also help you managing noindex, nofollow and canonical tags for your website.


Written by Arpit Khurana

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