5 Free Google Tools That Will Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

With a global market share of 89 %, around 3.5 billion searches every day, it is very vital for entrepreneurs, startups, businesses to know Google algorithm. These statistics become more important as businesses are handled digitally to attract consumers towards their products and brands. This is the reason, the increase in marketing tools have increased in number and all are equipped with particular characteristics.

With the internet and social media, you require the tools that can tap on your maximum capacity and enormously help your business. These can be powerful to adequately use the intensity of social media and additionally make great utilization of media marketing. You require instruments that can enable you to accomplish your objectives and scale your business a lot quicker – tools that can furnish you with an aggressive edge over others.

That being said, we provide you with 5 free Google tools that will elevate your marketing strategy and get an edge over the competition in the market.

1) Google AdSense

An amazing Google tool which is utilized to make passive income by attaching an ad code in the header, content and sidebar of the website. Google AdSense gives you income according to topic and traffic it gets.
Having said that, Google AdSense’s association with a network of advertisers who are eager to attach ads on various platforms that attract the attention of consumers. If you have a platform such as a blog, website and YouTube channel and your audience matches with the ad advertisers then Adsense puts that advertises on your platform, charges the advertiser and pays your money for displaying that advertisement.

2) Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool alarm you to any warnings that could keep your site from getting found in list items, and help you examine your current pursuit movement so you can see how guests are as of now discovering you. This tool is favorable to investigate your search traffic to find how individuals are discovering you at the present time. This device will enable you to settle what’s the matter with your site in the event that you get to the best issues list. You’ll approach testing instruments and bolster documentation. Google Webmaster Tools has guides and online courses that indicate you precisely what should be done to make an SEO-accommodating site.

3) Google Analytics

A definitive objective of any business is to pull in more eyeballs and create more leads. On account of organizations that offer items or administrations on the web (like a cloud bookkeeping programming), their site is the main source from where the client becomes acquainted with about the business.

Everybody is happy when leads flow yet we should discover the source of traffic, which pages they investing their energy in, their area, and so forth. Google Analytics is an incredible free tool that informs us about everything regarding our website visitors. You can invest some energy in figuring out how to utilize it and get some extremely helpful bits of knowledge.

On the off chance that getting information from Google Analytics sounds minimal specialized, you can take help of your developers or the website design organization who deals with your site.

4) Google Adwords

Google Adwords enables you to get better chances on organic efforts to rank top on the search results page. It is a highly productive, part of Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) apparatus. That being said, you need to keep in mind that this google tool can immediately become a costly marketing tool. It provides short-term advantages than long-term results. But if you utilize Google Adwords cleverly PPC can become an advantage in the organic search strategy.

By testing distinctive keywords varieties utilizing PPC, you can rapidly make sense of which keyword will send you quality movement. You would then be able to utilize this information to focus on your organic search engine optimization and content creation efforts.

5) Google Trends

Each business needs to develop with the evolving times. You have to figure out what sort of marketing dialect and descriptive phrasing to use for your business materials, website copy and search engine optimization.
Notwithstanding the Google Alerts, Google Trends can be an incredible device for helping you screen industry patterns. It empowers you to assess the fame of specific terms, look at them against other keywords varieties, examine how their fame shifts after some time and in various areas/dialects, and shows related keywords, which can be useful in getting new keywords proposals.

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