5 Facebook Marketing Hacks You Cannot Afford To Miss

Avatar Arpit Khurana | January 30, 2018

5 Facebook Marketing Hacks - Save Time And Money.

Hi guys, my name is Arpit, i m the co-founder of NSDM INDIA we are a premium digital marketing institute based out of poona. .

Now today's video is about something that a lot of marketers want to master. Yes I'm talking about Facebook marketing.

There's no doubt that Facebook is this incredible platform and everybody wants to take advantage of this to grow their business.

Unfortunately Facebook has made it so tough to market your business organically or for free and because of this reason I wanted to make a video, so that I can share with you five super effective Facebook marketing hacks that can totally do it for you.

So if you want to conquer any social media platform there are essentially two problems areas you should look at

First- you should be able to find your target audience and connect with them.

Second-  you should be able to effectively communicate with them.

So now, I will give you five hacks they'll help you conquer these problems. So the first like I said  is that you should be able to find your target audience.

Facebook has made it really tough to find people that you are interested in. You can try the regular Facebook search but I'm sure it will not give you the results that you are looking for and that's where I'm going to tell you this browser extension that can help you do this effectively.

So the name of the extension is called intelligence search, the link is in the description.

Once you've added this extension ,click on this icon.

Now you can find people by their name what they like where they work, where they live, whom they're friends with, group members, age, gender, language, education and not just people you can also find pages, groups, events, posts and photos.

Let me show you a quick example.

Let's say, I want to target people who work at Infosys.

So all I need to do is select job from here and then present and then type Infosys and select it.  

That's all guys. The results you see here are people working at Infosys.

Now this was just a small example but this extension has huge potential guys, you can use it in various permutations and combinations.

Now that you know how to find your target audience it is time for you to effectively communicate with them.

For this ,I bring you 4 hacks.

Hack Number 1 - send messages to all your friends also from this hack you will be able to tag all your friends. If you wanted to send a message to all your Facebook friends you will have to individually select them, which will be very time consuming, so you could simply download this file the link is in the description. Once you have it in your computer all you need to do is click the new message icon on Facebook and then just simply run this file. It will start adding all your friends like you see here. When all your friends are added you can type your message and send it to everybody just by a click of a button. Also, the same file can be used to tag all your friends. So when you create a post you see this option of tagging people. So click here and then run the file. It will start tagging all your friends.

Hack number 2 - Post in multiple groups simultaneously.

For this guys first you'll have to add yourself in multiple groups where you think your target audience is. Now once you've added yourself in let's say 50 groups and you want to post in all of these groups simultaneously you can follow these steps.

First open these groups and copy the part of the link right after the groups. Like what you see, copy it. Now that could be the name of the group or it could be something else as well. So once you have these for all the groups you want to post in write @groups.facebook.com after each of them.

Now you can go to the primary email attached with your Facebook account and paste these ids there.

Now type your message in the subject section and hit send.

That's all guys. Now you can see I was able to post in multiple groups


Hack number 3 - Extract email ids of all your friends.

Now for you to extract email ids of your friends you will have to make an account with yahoo. Good if you already have it.

Once you have logged in click on mail and then you can click on contacts and then Facebook. Now here you will see an option off importing contacts from Facebook.

I've already done it. That's why I see here 858 contacts from Facebook.

Now on the left here you will see the email ids. For most of your friends.

Now you can click on actions. Then export and download a csv file. Once the file is downloaded,it would look something like this.

You will be able to see the email ids for most of your friends.

Hack number 4 - Extract phone numbers of your friends.

If you want to extract phone numbers of your Facebook friends follow my lead.

First you have to install an extension called toolkit for FacebookThe link is in the description. Now once the extension is added, you can click on this icon and then you can click on extraction tools.

Now here you will see an option of extract public phone numbers of friends click on it.

Now since you've just added this extension for the first time it will ask you to log in, put your email, in the license key put anything and then just click on login.

Now first it will extract your friend list, it will take some time for that. Once your friend list is extracted. You can click on extract phone numbers. Now you can see it has started extracting phone numbers of my friends, now it will take some time and later then you can download this as a csv file.

So those are some cool tips and tricks that I know about Facebook marketing.I'm sure my fellow marketers would know some more hacks. Feel free to put it down in the comments section.

Also if you guys have any queries regarding digital marketing let me know in the comment section. I'll try my best to answer all of them.

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That was all for today, I'll see you guys soon.

Written by Arpit Khurana

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