4 Techniques to Counter Negative Reviews

Entrepreneurs put their blood and sweat for years in their business to achieve a reputation in the market. But this hard work fades away as soon as a customer writes a negative review about your services. It is also distressing for digital marketers who create an amazing digital marketing strategy to attain the attention of clients.

On the other end, consumers purchasing decisions are heavily impacted by another consumers remarks. It has been observed in a survey that almost 88% online customer service reviews play a vital part in the customer decision making. That is the reason, popular websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Angie’s List constantly put efforts into positive online reviews to allure and create a new customer base.

In some instances, enterprises have made legal cases for writing false or character assassination such as blistering reviews, stating magnified claims which had impacted their businesses severely. It is evident that entrepreneurs are reluctant to see any negative picture of their business online. It is a certainty that you will receive negative feedback. Having said that, we provide you with 4 techniques to counter negative reviews successfully and achieve success in the online strategy.

1) Build A Good Review To Diminish The Bad One

This step can become a vital solution after receiving a negative review. As it is clear that once a negative review has been posted online it cannot be removed or deleted but you can certainly diminish this with more good reviews.
But the craving for good or positive review can get you into the trouble. Major companies such as Yelp has made strictly clear that they should not comment about their business directly. Rather they should post ‘Check us out on Yelp’ or they can simply put Yelp badge on the website.

2) Respond Promptly

By utilizing this technique you can show that you care about the customer and appreciate their point of view. This can be vital in case a consumer gets a bad experience, then this activity will definitely make that consumer to think again about your company and present you with a second chance.

To do this, you need to read all the reviews carefully. While responding to the negative reviews, do not get a feeling of rage or annoyance. Be calm and tranquil. Apologize if it is required and talk about how bad you felt about their unfortunate experience. You need to convey that this kind of negative experience is uncommon. To compensate, offer them some kind of concession or a deal favorable for them.

3) Avoid Giving ‘Free Shots’

This technique is heavily dependant on your answering reviews and the frequency of it. The best example of this is ‘Walmart.’ This retail giant did not respond to any of its reviews and learned their lesson by receiving loads of negative reviews. After this incident, Walmart has been active on social media and answers customer reviews.

The customer reviews and response from you to it is vital. You have to engage with the reviews whether they are positive or negative. Not only engagement but sharing content with the customer can help to convert their minds and can create a positive reputation among customers. Whereas you interact with consumers and after some time leave that review discussion. Then it will give consumers an opportunity to take ‘free shots’ on your business.

4) Be Polite

Typically, negative reviews create a negative response from your end. But in some rare instances, strong language use and strong opinion can create a powerful negative response from you. Rather losing your temper you need to congregate your thinking and convey your message such as how you cherish them and how eager you are to receive their feedback.

After this response, you will come to know that their point of view has a value and certainly it makes sense. Deliver an enthusiastic solution to their problem. As mentioned earlier, offer some remuneration for the inconvenience caused to them.

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