10 trendy steps to improve your Instagram feed.

We know that you are serious about growing your Instagram as you took an initiative to read this guide. Having a good Social Media image is what everyone is looking forward to. Also being able to master this art can make you an efficient Digital Marketer.

or create a professional pathway through it. These are all essential tips to rock your profile on Instagram. They can be implemented with ease and are trendy enough to make many eyes roll on your feed. We assure following them will help improve your feed. Ready? Let’s go explore!

1. Identify your style:

It is rightly said that First Impression is the last Impression! Know how would you like to present yourself. Choose your style wisely as that is what people will be considering your profile like. Some of them are:
• Dark / Moody
• White
• Colorful
• Natural
• Brown
• Vintage

2. Pick a suitable grid layout:

Once you know your style the step is picking the format of arranging the feed. This should be as interesting as possible for more number of viewers on your profile. You can switch and play around various grids to keep your followers engaged. Some suggestions of trendy grids these days are as follows:




Linear feeds

Linear feeds

Puzzle Feed


Puzzle Feed

3. Choose your favourite colour palette:

Another way of organizing feed and making it look cohesive is choosing a colour palette. It polishes your style more and also makes it more interesting.





4. Post smart:

When it comes to Content Relevancy becomes the key factor. Only you know your majors, your specializations, your interests or your journey. Hence choosing a topic to post about will give you a narrow edge of the profile. Be it Fashion, Travel, Business, Technology, etc. you have a platform to express on Instagram.

5. Preview your posts:

Thanks to the Instagram Preview App for the thoughtfulness. You can now plan how exactly your posts will look once they are posted. All you have to do is add your pictures to the preview app, drag and drop as per your choice, edit it there itself and yes, also schedule them! What else can you ask for a smooth life on Instagram?

6. Rearrange our feed to make a theme:

Here comes the fun. It is observed that instagrammers who play with their theme keep increasing their followers. That is obviously because this way folks stay curious and also engaged with you for long. Why not use this trick for your page?

Try creating an alternate pattern. Use two colours alternately. Post unrelated picture in a row. Like you post a selfie and next any object and keep following this pattern. Slowly, you will find your page looking interestings.

7. Know the perfect Filter for your Theme:

After all the theme and arrangements, we might feel that the feed looks a bit more of a harsh at a glance. To make it look cohesive and recurrent, we can use the same filter for our feed. Your feed should match your feed style. Soon you will see something really cool as well as soothing on page.

8. Hashtags to say it all:

Here comes the big game! #hashtags One who plays this game well, nails it on Instagram. The recent update of Instagram allows you to follow hashtags as well. This makes it significant now to choose the right and trendy ones for a picture. Hashtags can be Descriptive, Industrial, Locational, Category, Speciality, Brands, trendy, etc. You can use at the max 30 hashtags for a picture. Be consistent and updated with the results it gives. Research is the key. Good luck with it!

9. Save the style of your Hashtag groups:

Jotting down all the hashtags each time you post is time consuming and equally a tedious task. You can save a hashtag group in the preview app itself and post it with the picture. You can also maintain a text file for the same. Smart work always pays off.

10.Post at the Right Time:

There is no point working on your feeds when no one is available. Recent poll of social media managers, generally the best times to post on Instagram are lunch time (11am-1pm) and evenings (7-9pm). Maximum reach is possible in this span. It’s a nice plan to schedule your posts accordingly.

Having the ability to access user information and post scheduling capabilities on the fly can make all the difference for your page. Stay on top of your accounts and track key metrics. Enjoy the feel of being a social star. Keep instagramming!

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